Greetings gentlemen. Firstly, thanks to Revsphoto to give me a chance to contribute in this cool automotive kinda blog. Let me introduce myself first. Muhammad Naufal is the name, or you can call me asuramaru (my nick name) or nopa (in kelantan-malay dialect). Came from Kota Bharu the Islamic Town, Kelantan, Malaysia.

not so handsome guy anyway

I started to love photography since high school, but my journey in photography starts in 2008. Had try many genres of photography but I just loved automotive photography the most because I love cars.

me at KLIMS 2010

Had some experience in automotive photography and had a chance to be a media in two drift competition, FXOpen 1Malaysia Drift Series Round 1 2010 and Formula Drift Malaysia 2010. Hoping that I will have another chance to cover any motorsport event in future.

some of my Formula Drift Malaysia 2010 shots

Besides that, I had also done some car photo shoots. Had done some of it with Revsphoto himself. He was really good in that. By the way i'm still learning to mastering in car photo shoot. Really loves rolling shot and rig shot mostly, but still didn't have the equipment to done that kind of shot. Anyway, anyone who interested want to photo shoot their cars, you can just contact both of us, we will glad to accept it. p/s : the pics below is one of the teaser for next post, stay tuned!

one of the shots for a car photo shoot

Anyway, other than automotive photography, i'm also into portraiture photography. I had done some photo shoot with models, clients and friends. So anyone who interested in photo shooting him or herself or want to have a family or friendship photo shoot, you can just contact me. But i'm just available on my semester holiday only by the way.

one of my portraiture shot

So hoping that all of you will enjoy all my upcoming post in this blog. Keep supporting us and our local automotive scene!

Thanks, asuramaru.


Mike Kong said...

good progress encik ariff :)

revs Chapman said...

thanks BFFFFF! :) thanks to youuuu!