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Chillin' at Kiss Of The Horizon 2017 #KOTH2017

If you know me that well, you might know that I'm into both cars and photography world combined. Its been a whole lot of years since I left photography world due to limited capability of my old camera and also, money constraint. But that doesnt stop me for still thinking about making automotive journal, everyday. So i'd guess, 2017 should be the year.

January 2017 marks the start of automotive photography journey i've been waiting and planning all these years. I've been invited to this yearly event organized by Backwheel Bitches (BWB), held at Genting Highlands. Start of with the convoy from my hometown, where the BWB born, we drive off to Genting early in the morning.

Reaching there at 12 o'clock sharp, we were entertain by this group of S-chassis, lining up with so much of love, and lowered-ness. The view was just incredible in sense that I've been dwelling in non-car days for such a long long time.

It was such a lovely view to see all the car gather in the same place with a different passion to each of their owners. There was a Datsun 510 gather at the top of the hill, with people sharing their passion towards the same thing, automotive.

Seeing the Toyota Starlet arranged in a nice formation was such a good food to the eye, as the middle Starlet KP61 was in full N2 bodykit is appeal to every people to the show.

I mean, look at that, a combination of nice colour with a good choice of bodykit, even the plate number was old school enough to rank the top badass car of the event.. and then my eye struck to the other car, which was my all-time favourite...

..the gold-plated Nissan Laurel C33. It was believed used to be owned by the top drifter of Malaysia which was sold to other gentlemen for a good care. While still maintaining the competition spec modifications, it is also street legal. More on this car on other blogposts, i promise you!

If continental cars is what you are into, you would not be disappointed with the quality the Merc and other brands that was brought upon the meet. A very cool looking W124 wagon, brought by the family of 5 (I think), just chilling in the breezy cool afternoon.

Spotting from far was this W126 Mercedes-Benz with someone way much younger than me driving it was just fascinating. It was clean all around with 18" wheels. Straight-up gangsta!.

Move on the next line up, a three musketeers just enjoying their day at the event. Skyline R33 was known as the black sheep of the R-family but not to me. I like R33, be it what you call it as a boat, yacht or anything, its a beautiful and fast boat for me. LOL

Both 3 cars was done up properly by the looks of it, seeing it driven on the hill of Genting, it was such an astonishing view.

Looking at the wing itself, screams 'downforce'.

Walking along the variety of cars, you must be crazy or blind not to notice this beautiful line up of S-Chassis..

 ..beautifully parked, start of with four 180SX..

..with a clean looking everything, the array of Silvia, in my opinion, makes the second most view lines of the meets.. with a little chances of seeing the gap between the fenders for all the silvias here.

..and then I meet this friend of mine, driving all the way from KL with his Stunning S15 codenamed #slutberry. Not sure what I'm gonna say but I think this is the best looking factory look with a good choice of spice, like the 18" Work Emotion..

..and the no-bumper-club. Will contact him for a shoot one day (i heard the slutberry changed) , along with the gold-plated S13 besides the slutberry.

When you have a very much likes of S-chassis, the view of it just makes it so hard to not to jawdrop everytime they passed by. The feelings it just, electric... this 4 door Acura Integra that I found lying around. Mated with roll-cage and a..

 ...K20A inside, its just as good as seeing other Honda platforms. Added up with that JDM feels of rarely seeing these types of Honda on a Malaysian roads, its just getting better.

So that's just it, a wrap from the local event, seeing many kinds of JDM goodness in front of our very own eyes. Enjoy some of the picture I'll put up later. Until then, Thank you!