Jeembo E30 TC Baur

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BMW E30, one of the famous 3 series model in the automotive scene around the world. It had been a choice of every type of people no matter youngsters or oldies automotive lovers.

wild beast

The boxy shape, sexy lines and quad head lamp giving an imagination of an old school racing car. Just like it predecessor, the BMW E21 and the legendary BMW 2002.

wild stance

This nice E30 is owned by Jeembo, a workshop owner that really loves continental cars especially BMW. Beside this E30, he also have about two or three other E30 and a pair of Mercedes E230 and W203. This E30 is quite rare if compared that other E30, because it is a limited edition model from Germany, called TC Baur E30. TC stands for top-cabrio and Baur is the name of the inventor of the car. Jeembo had found this rare 'jewel' and had chance to grab it as one of his E30 collection.


I had chance to photo shoot this rare 'jewel' at Putrajaya when Revsphoto himself got an offer from Jeembo to photo shoot this rare baby. Maybe before this all of you had saw the Revsphoto version of this nice beauty photo shoot entry. Thanks to Jeembo, because of him, all of us can see how nice the TC Baur E30 is.


This E30 is still rocking the standard motor, inline 4 cylinder and all of the interior are still in stock condition. For exterior, Jeembo putting some nice Mtech 1 bodykit and rocking Work Equip on the wheels, 17" x 8jj on the front and 17" x 9jj at the back.


Cruising around Putrajaya with pride. Anyone who owns a E30 must know about the rareness of this TC Baur. Thumbs up to Jeembo for owning this rare 'jewel' and brought it back to the street. Anyone who wants to contact with Jeembo, you can just visit his facebook - Jeembo.

Thanks, asuramaru.

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