Rally X: reposts.

It is a reposts from the old posts, I manage to dig 'em just now. It is a rally X that happened on 2009. Civic EF9 was one of the top competitor on the race. 

Being a junior photographer, these is the only shots that I think, most blog/internet friendly picture, while the rest of them are more to rubbish try and error picture.

Having a wide angle lens, and first time shooting Motorsports scene, i was absolutely heartless. Seen in this picture, i was ultimately close to the car, when he's taking the corner.

It's the Proton Pert, used to drive by Karamjit Singh. I don't really know what happen to the car now. Last time I heard about it, this car crash. Hoping for the co-driver and driver in good condition.

Dope!. The car went airborne just before I manage to shoot it. Most probably this is what motorsport photographer felt, when they can't get what shot they want.

A rather good Satria on that day, I still remember that this Satria makes one of weird sound when pass through the spectator. More like 'ratatatata' sound all the way.

And to me, I think i need to rewards myself for having a photo of the day.


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