What picture?

As of now, I have a lot of unposts (postable) picture over the internet, and social network.. The picture that I took couple of years ago, still in good pixels, are still stuck on my memory cards. First planning was to print all of the photos and put it in the photobook/ photo album but due to budget constraint, I decided just to keep it until the memory card corrupt. Lol hope not.

So here's the picture. All shots with Nokia N8.

Been driving all day and night for a lot of years, sometimes it just get boring. So I manage to shoot everything i think that is good. Like this twin Volkswagen Scirocco I found on streets of Kuantan and..

 .. this two generation of Suzuki Swift. Both on black and standard condition, who doesnt want a good daily car, times two. Haha.

Well I found this 1 Proton Putra, reminiscing me of 3 honda civic in The Fast and Furious movie. One of the time people would over modified the putra, but at times, it just looks good, with the stock body.

 Some of the collection of my 'JDM' shirt lool. I don't really like Hondas though, but got it cheap, bought it 3. haha

Went to friends wedding last 2 years, the GTR is the bride's car. Damn it is gorgeous!

And bought my first car ever. I do write a post for this car, just check back previous page for the infos on this soon-to-be RWD monster. LOOOL

That is all! Will post update about me car soon!

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