Salam and hello everyone. With nothing to do this late night, I've decided to post this short blogposts just to quench my blogposts thirst. Been looking for past 6 hours now at this blog and I know I didnt have any idea. Yeah thats what happen when you have this big dreams of posting your car process, like a build threads over the internet, in this blog. Haha

So when it comes to dreams, I have one. Which is making my car runs good, and perfectly according to my taste. With some low standards i've establish in my head, this is one of the dreams I could share. 

I'm going to make Advan/Taisan livery on this verily A31 belongs to meself! yeay

Changing from this stock standard view of Nissan Cefiro A31.. this livery! Looking simple, and race car.

But for the time being, a lot of things are going into that car. Going to posts soon enough about the process of installing things on my car.

Here's one of the picture

Wait for another blogposts coming soon. (Jumpstarting my mood to post something) haha

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