Project Cefiro Vol.1

Some quality throwbacks about my car, Nissan Cefiro A31 1994. It was kinda late model for this Nissan. So, here's a picture of what did I do to my car, after getting it mid 2013. 

Car was good, body had some minor accidents on front left area but it was fixed by the previous owner. It has the RB20DE, the non-turbo version of RB20, The gearbox was totally fucked up, it had leakings all over, front and rear case of the transmission was splurring oil all over the undercarriage.

 I had to jack it up, changing all the oil that I can change. First was the engine oil, and then the other oil and bla bla. Here's the undercarriage picture. More to come on next posts.

Haha, just jack it up and put it onto the steelies I got from my previous car. Some minor paint defect can be seen on the left front door as you can see in the picture.  

Plan the other day is to re-watered the radiator as it was full of rusty debris inside the reservoir and also the radiator itself. You can see the battery place was also full of rust. Time to refurbish it! 

 Here's the look of the engine bay, first day I acquire the car. Power was fairly good but the engine bay was god damn filthy. 

 Plus you can see the wiring was like the car had just blown. All over the engine bay! 

 You can see the alarm wiring, the siren (or whatever you call it), the wiring pinned into the battery terminal, the I dont know what wiring appears a lot. Haha, nevermind that for a sec, just want to show you the rusty water inside the radiator and the reservoir.

Look at that filthy water eeuw. 

 So here's a quick fix. Because the inside of the reservoir is full of rust, my father ask me to clean it using the sand. Put it in, put some water, shake hard..

 And then remove the water.. you can see the outcome for the first time. I don't know how the previous owner can live with this shit.

 This is the 5th or 6th time I did the sand-shake thing. The outcome is on the next picture.

 Tadaa.. the clean water is back. Inside is not as rusty as before. Opt for changing the reservoir but its hard to find the replacement, even in the halfcut or spare part shops here..

  After 3-4 hours, its time to sleep. The car is not changing at all haha. Still as filthy as before. 

 So thats a wrap for day one. Will be updating more and more afterwards. Stay tuned!

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