Biawak Biru (Blue Lyzard) : Used & Abused

Used & Abused, a term that had been used for automotive enthusiast to describe their cars that had been fully utilize for a certain manner. For example, daily beater, track beater, drift missile and others. So, this 510 has been an perfect example of a daily beater. Owned by a humble car tuner, called himself Bakat Zen.

This 510 has been special tuned by himself with some special recipe that had been discovered by himself, just had been into an accident while he joined a track day session with others classic cars enthusiast last month. A minor accident actually, but it still effect the alignment of the car and some panel damage on the passenger side. The car still running, but still needed some fine tuning for a little happy time while driving.

This car is really low, sits just about an inch or lower from the ground. Undercarriage scraping while crossing the speed-bumps is not really a matter for the owner. One of the nicest stance on 510 that I ever had seen before. The owner had been planned many more for this baby blue, so hoping that we can see more of this soon enough.

Thanks, asuramaru

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Use and abuse... XD