A Simple Meetup on 5/10, 510 Day

After a long pause with automotive photography, I had thinking to make a comeback with something nice to shoot with. So I had planned make a comeback with a quite interesting subjects. Accidently on last friday was 5th October, the Datsun 510 day. So I had gathered several dime owners to hang out for a simple meetup.

There were 4 510 including my 'Cassie', 1 910 and a KE70 on that day. What a great weather on that evening and we had a quite nice chat with each other during the meetup.

These 2 510 were most in superb condition after had been restored. Both owners had just painted their dime in around this year.

So we start with this grey 1600 510. Rocking a 1600 SSS grill, flag type fender mirror and a superb bodywork with nice paint. The owner had spend around 3 years to make this dime to look at this superb condition.

The owner, known as Lie had spend quite a money to restore this dime to this perfection. Rocking 15 inch longchamps with +15 at the front and +6 at the rear.

The stock interior had been maintained by Lie to remain the original look of this dime. I can say this is one of the best dime in Kelantan that I had ever seen before this.

So now we move to this light beige 510. 1969 coupe grill, flag type mirror & Watanabe rims. What can we ask more for a perfect restored 510?

The owner, known as Adi just bought this dime around last year and just had painted around this year. Superb bodywork, original stock interior just completed this dime with perfection!

 The superb weather, nice spot and a nice dime just bring up this picture to a perfect photo!

This white 510 belongs to Imie. This dime rocking a quite rare grill called Supersonic. It was on a 1970 or 1969 510 Coupe if I not mistaken. This grill were one of the favourite among most 510 enthusiast.

Rocking the biggest size of wheel, this dime is powered by Z20 engine with twin Solex carbs.

Custom BRE style lips seriously make this white dime looked like it ready to rock the track. I also dig in the placement of the fender mirror at the door, it looked like factory fitted.

Lastly we move to this orange 910. Powered by SR20DET from S14, this 910 owned by Wess had been restored  from stock.
Rocking 17 inch Nismo LMGT2 wheels, BRE style lips and original 910 fender mirror really stands up the view of the car. If you see this car properly, you can see the front mount intercooler had been placed behind the grill. Really look like a sleeper don't you think?

 Do you think black and white pictures suites to the classic cars? I think yes!

Seriously I really hope to build up my 'Cassie' back to the original condition as soon as possible to catch up with these guys. Anyway, hoping to gather much much more classic cars especially 510 after this.

Thanks, asuramaru.

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Great comeback, nice location too..