Feeling good.

Salam and hello everybody. Been awhile isn't it? Haha I've been busy all year just to continue my study. Used to work at Honda Service center last time, but the plan didnt work like it supposed to. Haha so how you guys been? Ok? I do okay.
Here's a photo of my cat just to prove I'm okay!
Well recently, being busy and doing stuff (almost a year lol), i did shoot a lot of photos, its just that I don't take time to upload all the pictures, and all of the car meets, kenduri and some sort of stuff i need to sort out. So how are you? I've been on a long journey of life from 2012 to 2013, started from a bit of personal problems and now come out to be a student again.

Business student that is. Haha. All praised is due to Allah s.w.t, for my life now haz become much better. So I've shoot a lot of pictures, but in this post, just some recap what I've been done for past year.

Sold my beloved greenie, for a better future

Having a big burger party with my long lost schoolmate

Raya on last year

Send out my brother's car to paint, from naturally-made flat black to Championship white

 here's my old wagon, looking cool isnt it? Nah

 Still admiring this girl, lulz

 Lost a bestfriend, Tomei, 12 years old cat buddy

Riding on this Sportbike!

This is my niece and nephew! Loving uncle stig

 Found this big beast, with big brakes all around

 Being a douchebag with ami!

Riding with Zamil, if you know what I mean

Photoshoot for DKNY Summer 2013, YOU WISH! HAHA

 eating with my crazy coursemate

 and with my coursemate again

 Lost bidding these! :(

learning about some superbike stuff with my friends!

Naked 250!

 Riding in LPT

 Working part time at superbike custom shop!

Gohtong Ride 2012!

 Seeing Amar's car first hand..

 My car kena banjir liao!

 Found this JZX100.. NOTTT.. lul

 Visiting my friend at hospital!

 Bakat came to Kuantan!

 Makan2 with Nurul Syafiqah

 Went for Umrah

 Speedhunting in Saudi Arabia!

and yeah, again...

 Madinah FTW!

And lastly, Seeing Kaabah for the first time! 

Being in Makkah Al Mukarramah was something, undescribable. It was very nice to be there, and seeing Kaabah, MasyaAllah... yet again undescribable. You guys should go!

So that was it..pretty much of what did I do for past year. I should start blogging back since, I had nothing to do these days. Pursuing my degree in Business was somehow tough thing to do since I'm not really good at studying.

Going to post a lot of car picture a lot after this.. I did get my old camera back, just need to polished some skill I used to have. HeHe.

So, that was it. Wait for the upcoming posts, friends. Going to post all up after this. You just wait :D

All pictures was courtesy of my Nokia N8

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