Having the tough time of my life couple of months ago, I decided to take a break in updating blog and everything. Takes a lot of time to acquire that vibe of doing something you like, and it seems quite nice after all this time. And when the vibe is there, my mind come into conclusion that I can't live without cars. So that is when, I decided to call my friends here to shoot his car.

It was Honda Civic EG6 with a lot of greatness in it. Belongs to one of the race-kaki in my hometown, which was also my photographer friends, his car came up to mind when I'm finding what car to shoot. This car proved that simple, minimal modification can make the car looks good in its way.

With minimal modification to body parts, this EG looks perfect. Knowing that all of the aero parts are bringing you closer to being ricer or in Malaysia, they called it "ah beng", he decided to keep it simple.

Sat on 15x7 TE37 in front with R888 tires..

.. and Enkei RPF-1 tires with el-cheapo tires behind.. you'll know what is this all about. Being a drag racer with a powerful car, he needs to make everything simple and light.

The heights was okay because the owner himself are not looking up to the 'new' trends of lowering car and kill every functions that was supposed to be on weekend race car.
Carbon fender and lightweight RPF 1 at the back..
..with god knows what's inside this beastly sound machine, I'll guess it scares every single racer wannabe in hovering in hometown. Haha
Look at that bumper..
Like I said, minimal modification does makes your car looks better, thus make it better to drive. Really? HAHA. So there was it, a powerful Honda Civic EG6 belongs to my friend. Wanna thank him for lending me his time to shoot his car. Kudos to him for having such a great car.

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asraffzafri (mirul cousin) said...

nice job it! :)