Baur spent 4 million Deutschmarks in developing the E30 cabrio, which explains why everything on the car is so perfectly thought out and works so well – but it also explains why the car cost an additional 7000 DM above the basic price of around 21 000 DM. You had to have a lot of money to buy one new. A German road-test in the magazine ‘auto motor und sport’ summed up that, in view of the varied ways the roof could be opened and the high quality, the Baur was worth the money, and added that the public thought so too, because the year’s production (for 1983) had been sold out in advance.

The Baur Cabrios can claim the additional attraction of rarity. Since any E21 or E30s is collectible, the Baur cabrio is doubly attractive – with the added advantage of being a very pleasant car for every-day use.
The market value of a Baur Cabrio today is stable they are holding their value well. They are likely to bring collector-car prices in the future. Surprisingly, in view of their rarity, nearly all Baur parts are still available from BMW Tradition.

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