Perodua Myvi SE

This week i'm going to bring you my own car. Since this Perodua Myvi SE post last time, bring a lot of readers here, so this is my car after quite a while. Been saving for quite long so this is the final outcome. It may looks boring, and stock, (maybe fag-looking car) but i seriously don't mind about it actually. Its for my own goodness, it consumes less fuel then perodua kancil, (depends on who's driving it) and its way too far than a typical Malaysian car style, (you know, red rims? SO 2002!).

 Having a quite nice gear could make this look better actually. With lens i borrowed from my friends, I could actually made (maybe) pretty close to Speedhunters photos style. Only from my point of view. So what do you think?

Talking about the car, first thing you see must be the fluorescent Volks CE28N as many people would say. It is actually a custom paint, which i did it DIY. Basically it is really hard when you try to do it in 10 spokes rim on 17x7jj rims, but nevertheless I made it through.

Having to live in wonderful-so-much-of-a-replica city, I managed to buy this kind of rims at really really bargain price. The tyres quite pricey though as it is IN MALAYSIA kind of price. I opt for a new but kinda old Falken ZE-512 205/40 tyres. Cost me quite a burned pockets. :)

Next was, the ride height. After finding the suitable rims, the urge feelings of lowering the car came spontaneously. I can see my car stand still like Dinosaur on standard spring. From there, i began to search for a nice lowered performance spring. It may seems a less, but it is a LOT to me though. Well, this one random fella kinda sell to the Tanabe Lowdown spring for Passo. Without further ado, I grab the opportunity and this is how my ride look like. Still HIGH though

 The engine, despite being very slow and underpower, I managed to 'not touching anything' in the engine compartment. I left it stock as a stock can be. Reason? me being a Fag and i still don't have a fixed income. But come to think of it, the itchy hands are not going to stop, there will always be something.

And that is all about my car. As you can see above picture, that's the only thing that drive me sane all this while. I may keep it stock like this, but the force was so strong. I maybe end up turbocharged this car. HAHA

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