Being a both amateur photographer and a n00b car enthusiast, I managed to find a time to snap a lot of random picture. I don't really love random shots though, I just now appreciate the shutter count of camera. Yeah, last time i did shoot something for unknown reasons. But now, just savin' up for a future. But hey, whats the point of having camera and not experimenting?

Having a lots of times in holiday made me explore the fun of shooting cats. It was last weekend I did persuade my cats to have a photoshoot with me. Quite hard, and tiring but fun times. Haha. the picture above shows that my elder Alpha Male cat, Tomei (i'd named him after a Performance Tuning parts haha), 10 years old, wants to bite me because he got no moods of photoshooting. WTF? HAHA

My second cat, Nunin, 2 years old, was utterly mad. She just finished eating when i take her to the room. ahahaha. She is persian cat, my sister bought from the vet.(LOL rhyming)

That was random. LOL. I did not know what to do. Just experimenting. :D

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