Perodua Myvi SE. A simple write ups

Mid September, I was fully mesmerized by the new car that just arrived at my house. The car that had been called as a most selling car of the year in Malaysia. The car that Mr. Jeremy Clarkson complaint a lot enough that strongly encouraged UK people not to buy it. The car that seems overpriced by looking at its style.

Its Perodua Myvi SE. The car that only good driving at town.

Perodua Myvi SE, 2010

Interestingly, the highest spec are selling at a effingly high priced. RM 52,000.00. Those one includes all the 'standard' safety features like ABS, Airbags, and Immobilizer. Like most of the old folks would say, Good things doesn't come cheap. So here we are.

Power, ride and handling, Fuel economy, Space, equipment levels, practicality and safety are the things I want to write here, today. (hehe, try to be automotive journalist eh ariff?. hehe). Those standard things in automotive journalism are deemed to be write, to ensure a lot of people get what i want to tell and what they want to know.

The Myvi 1.3 weighs 955kg and puts out 86 horsepower. That’s a power to weight ratio of 0.09 horsepower per kg. Quite powerful yeah? Powerful, if its going to match with manual transmission. Auto Transmission like mine, doesn't have enough power to overtake a car at the highway, or a moving trailer. Compared to light and flying Perodua Viva, this Myvi doesn't 'go' as I like it.

Acceleration, as they say, quite sluggish in a way, you want to overtake a car or something. But

But, it can go as fast as your typical sedan car. From 120km/h, it can rise to 160km/h in not in split second. Takes time, but what's the point of driving fast with slow-producing car characteristic isn't it?. Just waste your precious time. Better enjoy the fuel saving engine that derive from Daihatsu Boon. The K3-VE are just as nice as 1NZ-FE in Toyota Vios but power-less in a way.

Ride and Handling.
One thing i must say. UNDERSTEER. A lot. and what does sifu say about counter-ing the Understeer? Handbrake. Haha. The handling are quite good, quite responsive, easy for Makcik2 and girls to drive. But high speed handling, not good enough. Harshness and noise, are presumably good, but quite hard on the suspension

Ok, quite a simple write ups isnt it?. Ironic isn't it?. isnt it? isnt it! HAHAHA WRITERS BLOCK DAMN YOU!.

Small skinny tyres, with big and wide buttocks

The 1.3 K3-VE offers a DVVT which does affect power.

A proud emblem that this second national car maker, proudly shows.

Full spec with Airbags on both sides.

Double Din CD-player, with optional Ambi-pur.

Airbag, Anti-lock brake system and Immobilizer.

DVVT, Dynamic Variable Valve Timing. Google it by yourself.

Comes with tuned bumper and chrome exhaust tip. With Goodyear NCT-5 tyres

The back side view of Perodua Myvi SE

Eagle NCT-5 with 175/55R14.

Front view, nothing special, nice bumper only.

Side View, nothing too look. I know, nice.

The proudly emblem sticks on its backside

Ok, quite a simple write ups isnt it?. Ironic isn't it?. isnt it? isnt it!

**new updates on This PERODUA MYVI SE check it out!


ruki kenishiro said...

been driving with my Myvi SE for a year now. yes i do agree with your assessment on the Myvi SE.

the only major point for us Myvi drivers can only boast is the superior fuel saving of the car. if you're like me, using the car just for home-work drive, then it is really cost effective. i only spend roughly RM100 per month on fuel.


a tips on how to overtake using the auto, eased off the accelerator, turn off overdrive, and floor the accelerator, you should hear the rev roaring, once u feel the acceleration going and ure on the desired speed turn on the overdrive back on. works for me.

congrats on ur new car bro! i got a few scracthes already on mine.


revs Chapman said...

thanks mate..thanks for the comment..been a while since i got the very2 long comment..

hehehe..stay tuned to my blog arite?..
thanks mate..cheers. :)

danial alaudin said...

hi bro. i just read ur blog about a new myvi se. i'll going to have my new myvi se this your view laaa,how do u thing about this car?is it worth it to have that car for that price?i don want to compare to other car maker.i want to know did i choose a right car?

danial alaudin said...

assalam me again car will come out soon,i just want ur advise, abit maybe, question is: what i should inspect or test before i take that car from the dealer? im just want to make sure my car is fully in good condition before i ride it back home..thanks again bro...

Edy Syarman said...

relaks danial,

u got plenty of time to test ur car.
u got warranty isn't it isn't it..cheerz..

i like ur write up bro ruki

Anonymous said...

improve your writing skill and grammar..but still this is a good car review for me

Myvi LE said...

Perodua customers, especially the ladies, who are seeking a pleasurable driving experience in high style can opt for the new Myvi LE.

The Myvi LE, based on the 1.3 litre standard automatic transmission (AT) variant, comes with additional features such as new trim colour, seat fabric, door inner handle, exclusive carpet mat and decorative cubic printing on the centre cluster as well as the door trim armrests.

Daniel Ng said...

Myvi SE simply amazing and i loving it!but they should improve the brake system!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, i just notice your blog. Nice comment. SIMPLE, FAST and STRAIGHT-TO-THE-POINT. I am here to seek for some comment regarding on the matter how do you take care of your new car? perhaps advice on how long do we need to polish the car or wax the car? something like that. I am current doing survey on car. Plan to get a car soon, but I think mostly I will be taking MYVI as my first car ever. So i wonder if i take Solid White colour Myvi SE, would it be hard to maintain? Any idea guys?

Anonymous said...


i came to read your blog is because u got an ahmazing picture of myvi.nice job on the photos. u just make me want to jump off the bed and go to perodua dealer and order it rite away.(which obviously not what i did 10 minutes later since im writing this..hahahehe..=P)

i have an headache trying to find the perfect car for me. it was a battle between gen2 and myvi. although i love gen2 very2 much i have to opt for something more practical and cost efficient.( gen2,why u have to be slightly expensive?? why?? why??)

nway, thanks to your photo. it changed my mind. a bit. im slowy getting rid off gen2 images from my mind...sad but have to.

have a nice day bebeh!!


Anna the Rabbit

revs Chapman said...

Dear Anna.

is it really 'ahmazing' picture? haha. thanks btw.

ahaaa..when you compared between gen2 and Myvi, i strongly suggest you get a friggin Perodua Myvi. My family and i had been using proton since like 18 years ago and the only proton that could be trust is only a PROTON SAGA 1990. quite a lot of proton actually, from saga to wira to satria, putra and lastly gen2, it was sadistly to say, SAD.

Choosing a Myvi for your ride is practically ahmazing. I see and assume, youre a female driver and driving this practically easy car, quite made your day actually.

Less fuel consumption, less headache, easy and fun to drive, nice styling, what more could you ask?

my girlfriend had been using a persona for a while now (4months) and all she could tell me was her car problem. Car couldnt start, radio light start to fade off, leather seat all peeled off.

GO for myvi. Its worth it!.

Anonymous said...

i am waiting to get my new myvi se..but i'm still worried wether it is the right one or not..hmmm

Anonymous said...

thanks for da information... im not worry oredi after read all da comment...becoz im going to have my myvi next week

revs Chapman said...

gyeahh..i convinced a lot of ppl to buy MYVI. hahaha. perodua!. commision please wey!. ahahaha

Padhma said...

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