Impromptu Honda meets.

 Honda's are one of a car I wish i have ones. Due to budget constraint, I can never have one. Luckily as a Technician, I used to work on this type of vehicle. Most known by its technology, VTEC, you can never go wrong. The power of dreams really proven on its car.
Choose any car, any Honda, everyone would like it. I mean, there's a lot of love and hate things about Honda but for the Die-hard fans, they wouldn't even care. Still going strong. Honda CRX as seen is fitted with P1 Buddyclub rims and a bit slammed. Very nice consider that this is endangered kind of species but it is not going to extinct isnt it? Same goes to..

..this EG6 i've found at the local sunday impromptu meeting. The rims, i had to admit, a bit small for this one hit wonder EG's. But referring to its rareness, I think the owner most probably happy with the fitment. Need to slammed a lot IMHO.

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