Muddiness - confusion: a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior; also can be known as "a confusion of impressions". This often happen in a first quarter of every year and this clearly brings some uneducational methods to someone who's clearly so into something. Example like, you are so into a heartbreakingly, Jawdropping, and dumbfounded, Subaru Impreza S204, and then, to know that particular S204 will never like you back and when that car try to like you, you getting insane about another problem and the funny thing is, you refer it to this particular S204. It seriously will pull you into the state of love insanity and then the state of when you write a post of that car in your blog and imagine and hope that you will never ever ever never have heart for this freaking breathtaking S204.

Photo Courtesy of well2k26

Your truly,
Ariff Firdaus.


haha. aku cuma tergelak je bila dapat tahu. Hebat betul. Cuba baca secara literally. Got some literal meaning there. Heh.

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well2k26 said...

THanks for using my image. I just love S204.