Dataran Merdeka Autocross?

Heh. A hell of a week. Banyak betul masalah. Haha. OK2. Last two week i went to Dataran merdeka because my friend, Wang from Undasteer told me that there is some event going on there. I went there on Sunday. It was a bright and scorching hot day, for me atleast. Get my skin burned. Heh. I thought there was a drift battle, but just some drift demos performed by our local heroes, Lim Zee King And Yoong. They're freaking awesome man!. Ha ha ha. Ok. less crap, more picture. Do Enjoy it guys and gals.

Antera Motorsport GTR34. Damn nice!. I adored those freaking matte black rims.
Mazda RX7 FC3s. Kacau betul mamat tuh.
The great car with the great weather. Would love to have a ride with this car one day.
As wide as it could be. Damn those offsets rims.

See to believe. I even put my handphone there just to prove how 'big' is the offsets.
White TEs are often match with this type of car. But i prefer Dark TEs
just do some minor editing on this one. HDR lah orang kata. padahal guna shadow/highlight je. Heh.
Oh. that freaking nice lady again. heh. i have to take this picture twice because, there's a bunch of autoshowfreakers there. I don't really like Autoshow IMHO. there just overzealously make up the car and make it looks like retarded owner car. heh.
Civic EK3. love those VTEC roar. This car are one of the Havoc creater because, when this EK performed in autocross competition, the last corner (corner ke?), he actually langgar the judge area. haha. I was talking to my friends, and then boom, saw a table flying. heh. But Damn nice weh!
Suzuki Swiftoo. Nice action
drove by my friends, Wang. hehe, wey, later play Battle Gear 4 tuned again ah!.
Lim Zee King Going sidewaysss.. Yea
Sideways again.
A meetup between the Abangs and Adiks. S14 and S15
Minor editing. Dunno how to edit it lah
Yea. Just some action by Undasteer, the official organizer for that day.
Wanbraa heh.
I think this is the nicest view of all, but got some cone there. Aiyoh. need to tag some Sports photographer soon.
burning some tyres eh?.
Yooong. Very macho hahaha
Integra DC5 with the owner.

if you see lah, those picture are not evenly manage. sorry, so malas to susun back. hahah..OK2 enjoy the crap okay. bye


zamildrift said...

Takde gambar Along dengan Ceffy ke? Hehe.

Anyway, banyak lagi ko leh improve. Pic ZeE's 180SX black and white ngan Yoong's S13 dari side tuh cantik.

Ko gune wide angle lens eh? Nampak macam je.

ariff said...

aku rushing2 sikit haritu..tak perasan lak along..

hehe..yeap..ultra wide angle..hehe..
tapi nampak gambar macam saturated sikit kan...

pc aku prob sikit..heh...
thanks btw..