Salam and hello to all. As promise, this is the picture for the Hari Raya 4 where, me and my school /classmate friends are still continuing the tradition, which is, a convoy from house to house. Lucky to say, we've been doing this for like 3 years already. From carpooling, to 'motorcycle'-pooling , and then till now, all have car already!..ahaaha..and of course, every year, for only this one day only, we're beraya at more than 10 house. but it is getting lesser every year.

Actually, the convoy plan for this year is not really menjadi at first. But with proper planning, jadi jugak akhirnya. eheh. And the masterplanner for this year is Saddam, who call all the people and tell about the plan. hehehee..Last year, we start this event at 8 a.m. or something and finish at night lah..forgot what time dy. huhu. but this year abit late.

So, here we are, that day, October 4th, about 11 a.m, after fetch Azrul and Tengku from his house, i quickly go to Saddam's house, and i was the first to reach there you know. ha ha. While waiting for the others to come, I called saddam and tell him i reach his house already. And then I was invited to masuk his house. Psstt...his house damn nice man!. =p

Saddam, calling everyone soon after i reach his house. he he he. by the way, this bloke was my class monitor before, and i was his assistant. Assistant Class Monitor lah. Last year, long time already.
Was waiting for everyone, only me and azro is in the house. and then boring2, i go take picture la. he he. Look at that. Nice wor!. Later after like 10 minutes, Haiqal arrives and then Asyraf and then Taufiq. The oranges look blur in this picture, sorry, out of focus.
Air sirap and Saddam. the two things that i kept looking before waiting for everyone to arrive. Weh, cepat la weh. I have been drinking this air sirap like 4-6 glass while waiting for them.
Saddam, Taufik and Asyraf, eating Nasi lemak.Nice2. We've been chatting about everything you know, about the new life, about college life, about everything lah!. ahaha. This picture was taken when i eat the nasi lemak for 3rd round. Nice, i told you.
Asyraf and Tengku chatting like one of a architect of something. Look at Tengku's pinggan, that time he still wanna topup the nasi lemak, but busy chatting. and asyraf (dalam hati) was like, " bapak boringnyer tengku ni" hahahaha..
I don't know why, most of my picture is out of focus lah. Maybe user problem or what. adey!. there's Saddam and Wan in the picture. finish eating already i think. or still waiting for the next round. ha ha.
Tengku, Asyraf and Me. After eating Nasi lemak, all was like, bloated and then we decided to lepak beside the meja makan lah. Makan kueh Raya.
This time around, we're like, take a lot of picture you know. This pose lah, that pose lah. yea lah, waiting for haiqal and the friends eat. you know haiqal rite?. ahahaha

and this is the Freaking Haiqal!. the handsome, big young man!. and Wan also. Act like "huhh..?" wahh..you see pinggan2 there ah?..Bapak malas sial kitorang. ha ha ha. Pinggan pun tinggal macam tu je. Taufik and korean actor.
Azrul and taufik. Both are like, mengarut!. aha aha, see the picture below...
you seeeee!?..Always have a great pose for camera. and i don't know if you notice or not, why always people look up when taking photos huh?..Its like a cliche for every type of poser photo. Luckily no camwhore today. We are all boys la weh!..Camwhore is for girl.
Before leaving Saddam's house to the next house. Take picture puas2 first and then after that can go to the other home lah.
The standard pose for 'band' photo. try2 je. They all request, i shoot lah. Ahaa...
Shit, i cannot tahan laughing looking at taufik's face. Out of mental lah. ha ha ha. Wan was like, tahan je the 'geli' feeling. Taufik jangan marah kot!. ahahaa
Aik, the next house dah. we're now at the taufik's house. eating kueh raya only. Our stomach still full. aiyak!. In the picture, Zaim, Wan And Saddam.
Azrul was wandering what was tengku wandering. And tengku wandering what was haiqal wandering. And haiqal just nothing to wander and just eat kueh raya only lah!. ahaa..
A milliseconds before Taufik been slapped by haiqal for making his crazy joke. hahaha. Air sirap also at taufik's house. Good2. he he. after we' all borak2 and then laugh2, its time to move on to another house. Daeng's house. nearby only!.
We thought daeng at house, and after reaching his house, damn, daeng tengah jalan2 raya. And we're stuck here depan his house. ha ha ha. Saddam call him and then daeng say he was like on the way to his house and only can reach there at like 15 minutes. So our group decided to go Cyber cafe nearby his house. What lah!..raya also want to go CC ka?..
This one is nothing only. Boring2 so take picture. he he. this time is when we all go back from CC. playing CS and i don't know what thing. Aiyo
Now only reach his house. From right, daeng, saddam, wan and haiqal. and i don't know who's hand is that.
An entree for the his house. couple of cakes and orange. And also Vanilla Coke! auwww...
Ladies, this is Daeng. Daeng Bukhary. Actually, at his house, her mum does make the Mee Soto i think, but aiseh, No picture taken lah. The mee soto are like, damn nice woah. Best2. Looking forward to try it next year. Hehe
At daeng's house, the almond london is the rebutan. We all like it though. and we don't afraid of getting fat. haha ha ha . This picture was taken 5 minutes before it finish. heee..
The best of this convoy is, we all can gelak2 like we used to. I miss those moment when we were like a group, and then laughing to something that not very seriously funny. and aaahhh..very happy woooo!...those were the days kan. :D
After daeng's home, we all drove by to the Masjid to perform our zuhur Prayer. Saddam and taufiq after Solat. and still, i don't know what saddam was into for?..looking at what saddam!?..haha
Taufik acting cute infront of Asyraf's car.
At Azrul house, i don't what cerita is that, but it sure its funny. he he
Lepak2, chillin2 and then take crazy2 picture. Those stupid bloke. ha ha ha Asyraf Taufik and Wan
huh. Reach my house already. This time all the people was like are soo into Burnout Dominator games played by my brother. And we take a one second off the games and take picture like this one lah!. ahaaaa...

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