raya4 part2

Align CenterThen take the time posing for nothing. Taufik seems like just about to read the mag, and what mag that is?. IKEA?. ahaaa..Lame!. haahah. Still waiting for the fooods..still waitingg...
Stilll waitinggg....adeyy...Taufik and saddam was busy talking about something. And asyraf was like, freaking bored and tired. huuu
And then there was, eating mee Soto also at my house. NYUM2
"hey , what r u doing huh!"..."err..nothing"
Asyraf and Azrul. Asyraf and azrul. what was that finger for ar?..i forgot dy.
Ehehe..look at us. Laughing. while eating. and some of us look somewhere else.
and girls, this is Asyraf. My bestfriends.
and also, girls, this is Azrul, he got 4 Flat last exam. :D
Taufik's face seems like he's choking on something. ha ha ha.
Still need to smile ka while eating?. aiyaks.
Speaking2 chatting2 talking2 LA LA LA. Please don't look at my mouth there. Damn ugly.
and this is friggin taufik!. A crazy plus handsome young man.
Haiqal, the techies.
tengku, the..what his specialist ah?..Don't know ah!. hahaha
Zaim, adik Haiqal. he's only 16 years old. wuehehe
After a blessful 1 hour at my house, we then go to azwan's house. Azwan did not follow us because he need to packing for going to balik to his campus at Kelantan. aiseh. This picture taken at the back of the alley. Band style.
try using high ISO for this type of picture. Bak kata YUS crysis, "aku main ebelebel light je"..huehehe
Band shooting also. Aiyah..
We ate very tasty Satay at Azwan's house. Sorry to him because we're late. it is close to 6 already and his bus in 6.30. Sorry...but the food. woah...this satay is juicy man..seriously!
i don't know how to spell the word but this one they call "bergedel", "burgerdale", Begerwhatt?
Mihun Sup and bergedel and a Satay. Nothing's better than that
Wan And Azrul. Waiting for the meal's turn. sigh.
Asyraf with the sign "Talk to the hand"
And if you wonder, Azwan is in the middle. the 4th from left. And i am not in the picture. uwaaa..
In front of haiqal's house. was waiting for them to come. shhh..
tengkuu's shoes and a light years away.
Wan with the "kampung" scenery. Nice shot btw, taufik!
This one is good also whatt?..we're just finish solat Asar before moving to haiqal's house. Solat at the surau at the back of Azwan's house. heeee

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sexist sohh
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