hahaha...kat rumah boring giler. Kalau ada tahap 1-10 boring, my level is 11. Damn bored dow. Lepas balik kelas, dah tak tau nak buat apa, Sms orang. Kalau sms orang pun boring, tidur. Kalau tidur pun boring, bored. Kalau tak bored, bosan. Kalau tak bosan, borings [square]. So, as a pengganti the time, i did a bit alter the picture. Dah alang-alang bawak laptop, so alter la the picture hehehe. As you can see, i don't know how to comment this picture. Nak kata lawa, lawa kot. Tak lawa pun betul gak. Artistik? Entah. Art is free kan?.

I just start to get to know my style. It is more to retro-styling and try-to-make-the-picture-look-old style. Sometime it get a bit bored, but sometime it so very attractive. haih.. how lah?.
Asyraf, Azro and Tengku. Picture taken at alley somewhere in Kuantan. These three lads memang suke lah nak posing2 style bila aku amek gambar. Look. ha ha.. If you tekan the picture lah, You can clearly see how i edit the picture. the fungus2 here and there. and then got the motion style..if you can see it properly lah.
and this one, i try to make the so called " i-take-the-picture-with-35mm-film-camera-in-1990's-and-then-i-scanned-it-into-the-computer" picture. ha ha ha. The overall color seems like pale and you can see the picture felt more greenish and felt more 'lama' or 'retro' style there. and then again, the fungus. Woah. i loike this style.

Capturing the light.
Aku tak tahu jadi ke tak benda aku buat ni. using the available light and the light trails only. Aku rasa bahagian muka tu macam over exposed. rasa macam tak best pulak tengok gambar ni.
this one also, rasa kadang2 best. kadang2 tak best. Tapi its up to the eye la kan. bak kata orang2 nepal, Beauty lies at the eyes of the beholder. ha ha ha.

ok2..getting bored now. bye bye.

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