Raya4 part 3

Taufiq acting like, a model with the nice cars. But the problem is, its only Stock standard gaban Satria 1.3
Wan, hensem kot!. ha aha. Looks like CLS is it?. This one only bounce the flash to the part of the ceiling and then we place wan far a bit from the ceiling. Looks like CLS but not CLS. walalala
again brother!. Wan and a lost korean actor in the middle of the kampung.
Before arriving rumah Haiqal. A kampung style house in the middle of city.
Wan sleeping, Tengku sissy-ing, Azro try to look cool, and saddam shoulder pain.
This Black forest chocolate (okay, i just made that name) cookie is damn chun nice man!. A real chocolate taste. A bitter with sweetsweet and then feel the bitter again.
we are queueing for duit raya at haiqal's house. See, i told you i need sigma 10-20
We all laughing and dancing and jumping after we get to know that we are too old for duit raya. All psycho.
Azrul, Wak, Daeng and a chandelier. and also SenQ
This picture was taken at Rumah wan. The last house for the day. Damn tired arh. And then that day was freaking raining outside. Haiqal was so happy because he get the first turn to get the food. Well, you know haiqal.
This is what we all eat at the rumah wan saiful. A mee hoon /bihun / mihun Soup with air sirap. A very mouthwatering meal if you eat that day, the one thing that made me not to say that is, my (our) stomach is bloated dah after sampai at the Wan's house.
Tuan rumah kena makan kat tangga je. Ha ha ha. and then there taufik drinking the sirap. aiya
A friggin' Daeng, Mouthwatering Zaim and Skinny trousered Azrul.
Wan very sleepy that day. You see...
Woah..very adorable. Seriously. aiyah..
I don't know who take this picture. Maybe taufik or maybe wan. By the way, Zaim cannot follow us that day. Zaim had to stay at home je. No body at his home.
Saddam laughing over something and i wonder why haiqal is still blur. Why aaaa?..
And then this picture also. Tengku is laughing over something and then wan is just blur. what happen la weh?..i lupa already.
hehe.. Everyone's candy. Almond London. Sedap and tasty and scrumptious
and the last picture. The anak sedara of Wan Saiful. Her name is Nur Damia Delilah. or something goes like that. I Forgot already wan!..Soorrry. But even Wan also forgot sometime. Ha ha ha.

Ok. That's All the picture for that day lah. I still need time to make my skill growing of becoming the photojournalist or photodocumenter (i just made that lah). my skill is very bad. Try look at my picture. You see..no meaning at all. Just senget2 and tilt2 a bit. Still need to "asah mata" and then err...asah mata lagi sekali. and then need lens also. Hoon leng, can pinjam your 10-20 arh later?..hehehe

Though this year participant who join this convoy is only a bit, i admit it is not very happening like last year and last two year but it is still enjoyable. This year weekend is very short and that make some of us cannot balik hometown and celebrate with the remaining us here. wuuuuwuwuw

Ok..that's all for now (again). I hope you enjoy my picture. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir dan batin. Ingat, Jangan lumba haram dan berlumbalah dengan teknik yang betul! XTUNED! whahahahaa

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