Owh. Laju

This following picture are taken by me, with my DSLR, with love..ha ha ha.

Mitsubishi Triton. Panning

Before i owned my first DSLR, i Love panning shots. i've been trying to pan all the picture using my old Sony DSC-W1 but just a bit that came out with a good panning shot. After own that beautifully-created machine, yeah, my panning shot came with a lotsa good shot. And the picture above are one of my example on how i shot. i think my shutter speed is just around 1/80s..i forgot!..haha..someone check my EXIFF please..haha

Lovely Chair

snapped at Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan. At the old ice cream shop. I think this picture is lovely, i don't know why. ha Ha. i take this picture with my head tilt to the ground and sanpped it. and then i GreyScale'd it. And then it look like this.

thats all for this post..

*memang berterabur pun English aku.. sorry..


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