Fool Wonderful

I'm gonna publish it if i wanna publish it. Crappy, that's all i can say. here goes my work, a few days before i write this blog.

i may not publish all the pic because i am so enjoy this photoblog...this event actually happened in 02/01/2008 between 11.30 to 5oclock..

and may not be entirely complete..hahaha

Starting off with,i met my 3 loyal friends that day, nothing special happened actually, ha ha, from my house, i drove my car to the restaurant nearby the mall, just drink2 only..hahaha..

The scene was, some place over Kuantan,
the people, yeah..some of my friends,
here goess...


This is my friend. His name is Redzuan. girls, he doesn't have a girlfriend yet. Go get him!..hahaha..He came in when i was loitering at Taj Restaurant with my un-loyal friend. ha ha. and he asked me to tag along to Shoe store about 100 m from Taj. (at kuantan, we often call that restaurant, Taj). So there was i, Walking, with RED to that shoe store.

Al-ikhsan Shoe store.

Wah, there's a lot of shoe there, and i think i want some. Haha, but frankly, no money!..haha..So, i just check some of the shoes. Apparently, some people said that this store provide the 'semi-original' shoes only. So, my thoughts about this store, yeah, the 'not-so-rich-ppl' (like me) can la afford to buy 'new' plus 'got brand summore' sport shoes here..haha..

So, he'd bought that nike shoes. tada, finished.hahaha...So, Red and i came back to the Mall. and i met my 2 friends back. ha ha ha.


This is my 1st friend, his name is 'tengku very long la his name', we call him tengku only! ha ha i snapped this picture at the Escalator's wall or something. Shiny one mar!. haha..he's a good friend. with a lot of movement with his hand when u talk to him..sigh*..He loves her mom's nasi ayam.


This is my 2nd friend, his name is Asyraf. He is a guy. ha ha ha..He's a good friend too. He lives at the end of kuantan, god knows where. Ha ha ha. by the way, he's very stylish, look at his collar ha ha..very sentimental boy who love nasi lemak and sambal belacan.


BTW, we met Maula at Deli country, and under maula's boredness circumstances, he brought us to BistroDelifrance and feed us, the handsome,hungry man with no money. Ha ha ha. Maula is a good fella. He have many friends. he love speaking english. He help the world by recycling. ha ha

Potato Salad with Tuna.

He (maula) feeds us this.Potato Salad with Tuna. Lucky me, those two blokes does not eat vegetable. haha.. so, i eat it myself. ha ha ha..gosh, sometimes good la this food..haha..
and guess what!?


Oh my cat. look at that. it cost him that much. I know, for some of you, its reasonable, but for us, it is very expensive for god's sake. Ha ha, if i had a lot of money, nahh, i wouldn't eat here. ha ha ha..but a million thanks and credit to maula..hahaha..

Looking at what?

After eating, we'all rushing out to the hotel to go to the toilet..hahaha...nice one aa?hahaha

He's looking at Asyraf..haha

and then i decided to finish my day off at kemaman kopitiam. and there was i when i snapped this 'i-can-park-my-fucking-350Z-anywhere-i-want' bloke..what la!..
with my cutie and lovely sister of mine. Her name is Zetti. you all can read her blog by clicking here. thanks.

OK. i think that's all for today's blog. I have so many pictures now that i want to publish. haha..BTW, u would see that there's no "ariff Photography" in my pic. Yeah, my PC getting formatted so, i lost my Photoshop. Ha ha..ok..
till then..

P/s...caution, English berterabur, may not be read by people who under 18 years old. ha ha ha..crappy..Sori lah ye? berterabur sedikit..bukan sedikit tapi banyak..haha

ok..thats all for today.

Selamat Membaca.

RF photoJournalister!

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