Hey oh!

Today is the next day after yesterday. So i begin with a new challenging course of life, Taking Pictures. All the pic here are originally mine, as obtain by my skill with the camera. Haha..

nuff crap!

if you a flower-lover, yes!..you would easily recognize this type of flower, which i didn't. And no, this is not a "sunflower". this is, i don't know. ha ha . this flower's size is just about our 5cent coin. I snap this picture at Teluk Chempedak last week. And once again, you would not recognize where i snap it.

Beautiful little Ahmoi

while i was in Taman Bandar, Indera Mahkota, i snapped this cute lil' girl. She was looking at the big boat before i snapped this picture. Hell yeah, there's about 5-6 people playing those RC'ed boat, and guess what?, all of them are above 40. ha ha.

Unknown Flower

i shoot this picture at my house. This Yellow-mellow flower doesn't have a name. I don't know what species this is. And the size is just about 5 cents. haha

Teluk Cempedak, HDR

Just trying my luck to shots a HDR-style picture. NOTTT...haha..no that is not a real HDR, just Fake HDR, doin it with my photoshop. Ha Ha. *click to enlarge picture. With the male-model there, and this angle, i think HDR are good for these type of picture. ha ha..

that's all folks.

(haha, Aku saje try speaking english, dah lama dah tak writing in english, so here goes..)

*kalau kau rasa aku punya english berterabur dan tak bersusun, MEMANG LAH! aku ni melayu, bukan orang putih!


RF photojournalister!

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