Only For The Two-fold

I love Photography, and i love the moments. I wish i could capture all the good moments in my life. When i have this Bulky, nice camera, that thing make me even closer to my dream. And I need to sharpening my Skill more. more than ever, and now i am trying to sharpened my English language. Im sorry if i am 'too malay to speak english', Atleast i try kan?..hehe..and..

The reason for this web site is two-fold. I want to display my work for other people to see, and I want everyone to see the geographical area where I live and work. It is truly a beautiful coastal location. Most of my photographs are taken in Kuantan, Pahang, mainly in the Pusat Bandar area. The Greater the city area, as it is referred to, is comprised of the City of Kuantan and many surrounding rural towns. Also, because Teluk Chempedak is right at our doorstep, I will be including photos from this beautiful area as well. Please log on again, as I will be changing and/or adding photos every month or two, and trying to improve the overall appearance of the site.

Thank you for visiting my photo gallery!Look how handsome that person is!
i mean the person with the stripe Shirt



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