A visit to Taman Gelora

09/01/2008 - Because i'm so bored that day, My friend ajak me to school to ambil some of the certificate i left there. i drive from my house to my friends house (Haiqal) to pickup him. and to Saddam's house to pickup him too..and then we all go to school. Yada, yada, yada. So, after got that all certificate thingy, i went to the Taman Gelora, Kuantan. The place where i can snap-snap photo and can drink with my friend summore. Ha Ha. So, here goes the picture. Hope all can enjoy ok?...(psst...i gain my Photoshop back..creditcard to saddam..haha)

The Old tempat of pokok.
This pokok had been tebang. (no wonder lah Kuantan getting hotter!..ha ha)..I had to bongkok myself to get this angle, and my back hurt. Argh..ha ha ha...
F Number = F3.5

Sultan's Garden
I think this is sultan pahang's Garden. Ha Ha ha, I want to focus more but cannot, i only use 18-55mm kit, so , cannot, cannot lah..ha ha ha..if u wondering why this picture is different, of course i edit marr..i had something with a Lomo thing..haha
F Number = F5.6

Converge half Bridge
i snap this picture. so what?.haha.. there;s a couple of Pakcik and Makcik there, they just enjoyed the view of that Taman. And No, they are not enjoying the smell there..what la!..haha..so stingy one!..ha ha ha..HDR'd Photo..

not Buaian but Buoyant, its practically the same, nahhh..nottt..haha..i don't know i had something with the lomography thing..haha..and there goess...

Yeahhh...its Lomo..
Look like a golf course lake, but i never go there actually..(i mean the golf course..i'm not into golf thingy and i'm not from a rich family)..ha ha.. i love Green baybee!

Its Lomo..again!..ahah..
This lake kinda lawa if edited like this, but in the real world, this lake is not so la, can say so-so la lawa..Look like magazine eh?..hehe

Again, its a Lomo..B-E-A-U-tiful
Yeah..frankly, its beautiful, i love green, and green make me stronger..No wonder lah im not "rabun"..its because of this lomo thing la..hahaha

HDR'd pavements
Ok..its not lomo any more but its good..hahaha..it take me long time to photoshop this.hahaha..

The crab made this volcano-like mud..have hole over there. ha ha ha.

It remind me of something.
i dunno what isit but i dunno yet..hahaha..this pic i snapped there lah..at Taman Gelora lah..hahaha...i had to peluk pokok to take this kind of picture. ha ha ha..

So there goes, my visit to Taman Gelora. And i wanna thanks my friends for helping me to lepak2 here at Taman Gelora. Ha Ha Ha..

*click to enlarge picture*
*click his name for his profile*
this is my friend, haiqal. He's cute, girl!..Go get him. Ha Ha Ha. He's a good friend of mine. He is fat, and apparently, he is not-very-mad if i call him fat. He loves fat. ha ha. He loves to eat. He loves hanging out and talk about gig or jamming, J pop or something Science-fully thing. Ha Ha ha..
*click to enlarge picture*
This is my 2nd Friend. And Yeah, he's a good friend of mine. He used to be a monitor/leader in my class.He's a good bloke, Very sopan and intelligent. He loves indie and punk rock at the same time. He enjoyed Web surfing and guitar-playing. He wants the world to be peaceful, he's so into scouting. He's a good friend of mine. he is now taking A-level at Taylor's college.(goodLuck Saddam!) and lastly, he helps the world by shouting "Allahuakbar!"
come on! "Allahuakbar!"

That's all for today.thanks.XOOX
all the pic are taking by 18-55mm lens

Psst..i use the little bit campur-campur konsep today. no offense to all readers k?..Rojak satu!

Enjoy + Rejoice



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