New rides YEAY!

 As in last post, I'd promise to give you insights of my car right. So here it is. Read through!

It is a 1994 Nissan Cefiro A31 with some of the parts change for a better look. Got it cheap from some businessman, here it comes, the journey of me owning JDM models. Sounds MAAAAAAD!

Looks bold in the picture, but not as it is outside. The paint are a bit pale, not in a full black.  The rims are replica of SSR Professor. Tyres are 225/45 all around.

Here's my friend driving it. Really want to poison him to buy this type of car, and guess what, he's actually want to get it after Raya 2013.

The dasboard was OK, a bit pale on some parts, the steering was stock and the speaker you can only hear it at the front. The back one was either broken or wire tak sambung lol

 Stock standard A31 rear seats. Looks like R32 seat isnt it? LOL. It is suede by the way. hihi

 Look at that, stock RB20DE, no turbos or powerful stuff, just the aftermarket  air filter.....

 .. and a lot of dust and dirty engine. Bet I could clean it soon! Going to do some rewiring and everything to this car.

SSR Professor replica with stock brakes and stock 4x114.3 knuckle. Yet to change to 5-lug knuckle with big brakes and everything...

A stock standard dashboard with auto tranny and stock steering wheel. Wow. Malu sial. Even the seat also stock. But that's what people say, you get what you pay...

So in the meantime, just plain grateful for what i've got. At least its a good platform to start.. Will be posting a semi - build thread in the blog. Just keep an eye on 'em.

Thanks mate!

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