Ariff's new ride!

Salam and hello everybody. This past two weeks has been quite a journey for me, and i do call it the highlight of my life. Everything was just bright starting from the beginning and it just going more brighter. Well its started when I really having this criminal and wonderful mind to get a new car for learning and modifying process. Previous car was Corolla KE70 and Myvi and i do think it is insufficient for me to learn all about drifting stuff as it was just a plain comfortable daily car (as for myvi).

Planning was to get a 2-door FR car as i was dreaming to own this type of car since 7-8 years ago. Been looking for a while to get the right one. With initial budgets like RM40k, I planned to get a Nissan Silvia S13 as a start, as i like the old sports car look. The best was I get an original Type X for that but god knows its hard to find it here in Malaysia.

Having a car-related discussion with my facebook friends and searching up some forum, i was crazily excited to know that the car was in my budget range, but only with certain contacts because to search it in Mudah or any web ads, the price was ridiculously high. So I went and look for a lot of car within my budget range...

Having to read Freedom-Spec posts about a car to choose, he wrote that its either A31 or JZX81. Can't find the links yet but if you search around you'll find it. He wrote about the pro's and con's of getting both two and it made up my mind. I love 'em both. Haha

Opting to find this type of car like the C33 Laurel is tough choice, because you can't get it in Malaysia. Tough to find. But on the bright side, it has the almost everything you can fit from A31 and R32. Since a lot of halfcut of those car in Malaysia are lying around in the shops, It made up my mind once more. Love to get the C33 too! HAHA
But then again, my hearts wholeheartedly attach to this 180sx. Sleek bodyline, almost timeless design, a lot of standard spare parts lying around, plus halfcut wasnt expensive either. I was in trippy condition to get which car to own for a first time.

JZX90 was good car to choose too. Almost timeless design, big and bulky, just the way i like it, on a car. Not on a girl. haha. So one day I made up my mind.. I opt to get what I want. But recently due to budget cuts, just having the budget range of only RM20k.. Once again i need to have a research and talks with my friends. So down they're you have it.. my 2 weeks plan in one single blogposts.

Today was a good day, blue sky, scorching hot sunny day, perfect day to runaround my hometown to look for a A31. But for deducting quite of time, I went for Mudah.My instead. Searching there was a lot easier but at the same time, pricey!

Went to look at this ads in Mudah... It has RB20DET in it, with a lot of ++ parts, so I decided to call the owner to talk about it...

The car looks more like this, but this belongs to my friends... Standard bodykit, GTT rims and RB20DET with coilovers all around.... Call the owner only to know that the car was sold.. DAMN!

So I decided to look for another cefiro in the Mudah and found this.. The price offered was RM17,000. Went to look for the condition before saying much about it.
It has the RB20DE powerplant, with a stock standard everything. Owned by small time kedai makan businessman, plans to sell it to renovate his shop (katanyalah).. Just plain simple and beautiful isn't it?

After a lot of talks about the car, it has some downside about it, the powerplant is NA and the transmission is Automatic. But the price offered was utterly low. After much consideration with the owner and advice from friends from facebook and asked a lot about of thought to my dad.....

Finally I'm the new owner of the car! YEAY! If you look closer, that is Mini ME! haha.

Going to update soon about the car in the next post!

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