Zul's JZX100

Couples of days ago, my friend, Azri, who owns a JZX90 told me about his friends, Zul, which some of you know. He is one of earliest drifter in Malaysia. As of now, after owning couple of cars, this JZX100 is the newest addition to his list.

By finish shooting this car, I literally checked my bank account and asked bank around just to found out that I'm not eligible to loan some money to get this monster. FFUUUU

Next up, going to shoot Azri 's JZX90, which previewed in previous posts. White creamy JZX90.


singbluesiliver said...


revs Chapman said...

ahhhhh JZX. betul2 racun nih. hihi

Farique said...

damn.. our own local made. Tuff!

One of a kind kit. Away from the norm Uras kit.

revs Chapman said...

yupp! ^^ local power!

i'm now trying to improve local blog, because it seems like there are less blog updating on pictures like these.

thanks for visiting btw!

Slappy said...

Sexy X Chassis