DTM E30 190E

One of the car types/culture I like is DTM or easier to say is, Continental or contis. Many of them are true beautiful car when it comes to the bodyline, the curve or mostly the performance. While only fond of having these two types of car, which is BMW E30 or Merc 190E, I prefer more to Japanese car . But it's not like I hate other contis isn’t it? I like these two!

What makes me crazy about this two is how the look so subtle, yet so mean. Most probably going to own them someday. Its either the E30 or the 190E. FYI, there is two of these car in my neighbourhood. One, being completely stock  190E belongs to one uncle and the other is BMW E30 belongs to one Makcik, with a bit of stockish rims and pale body colour.

Well, TBH I once crashed one E30 belongs to my friends.  High speed cruising and all I know afterwards is how the car is turning 1080 degree in 4 lane highway. That was 2-3 years ago.  But anyway, please enjoy the picture I stole from the internet.

And again, thanks to the photographer and the blog owner for the picture, whoever you are.

Black 190E with bronze wheel, some wide body. FFUU

How about red E30 with black wheels. I just jizz...

or maybe red 190E..


Azuan Atoya said...

mercedes suck!!! Volvo FTW WOOI!!!

Farique said...

1080° spin is really-really-really spinning.. hahaha..

E30 and 1jz, slam it. Done and done.

T. Jindi said...

Nice photos, bro. I own a 190E 2.0. They sure as hell can fly real fast when it comes to DTM racing. :D

revs Chapman said...

just stole it from the internet Mr. Jindi. haha. I wish i can own one. haha.

Mr. Farique, I prefer 190E and 1JZ. purrrfect

Azuan atoya. Boooooo VOLVO

Azuan Atoya said...

BooOOoo mercedes BMW bOooOo sweeden volvo FtW!!