Rolling Shots

Rolling Shots. One of my favourite type of shot when photoshooting cars. The motion blur appears around the car makes it feel alive.

Inspired from the other automotive photographers, I always try my best to make a nice rolling shot every time I had chance to photo shoot a car. A nice rolling shot will make me feel so satisfied.

All of these pictures are ones from my best rolling shot when joining my friend, Ammar at a drift event at Putrajaya. All shots are shot around Putrajaya while we went back from the event. This KE70 is 4AGE 20V Blacktop powered had been sold by Ammar. Sad but that was his decision to let go this nice machine. Hope that he will back to drifting scene with other nice machine. Anyway i'm hoping to get more nicer rolling shot in my future.

Thanks, asuramaru

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