Honda EK4

Last post on eating burger at Kemaman was fun though, still fun when I think about meeting good people there. and of course being able to speak Terengganu was quite hard to learn and both understand but it was quite fun here.

And meeting with this car was basically a good times.

 Having a good times. What people would sacrifice to have a good times. Money and times were part of it. This goes to this owner whom I've met at Rantau Petronas area Terengganu before this. When I was 'sunday driving' my car (and it was sunday too) I'd stumbled upon this monster.

 A Honda EK4 was stranded at the side of the road, waiting for engine to cool down. It was such a nice place to sit around, a lots of treees and it was pleasurable to feel the serene environment there.

I'd never got a chance to ask this owner's name. But I did take picture of his car. Looks like a EK9 but the real thing is it is Honda Civic EK4. When asked about why did he stop here, he didn't want to say about it.

 With blue P1 rims at the rear...

 ...and front wheels, this owner would practically keep 15' as the good sizes for both daily drivability and boy racing at highway.

Good stance was all over the car. Still abit high I must say, but it is good for East coast road which Pot Holes rules over here.
 Ask the owner what limits he has gone with this car, and he says "Its over 9000!!"

B16B big vtec over here with B20B conversion looking at roadtax. I gotta admit I'm a bit noob when it comes to FF cars. I just don't know anything about VTEC here. All I know is working like a BOSS at Honda Service Center.
When asked again why, he then confess that his engine was thirsty drinking the engine oil as the piston ring worn out. Too bad for him, but at least we lend him a help, of keeping him not bored while waiting his engine to cool down

We then left the scene, with good amount of picture and the last picture of him.

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