The Corona

While having some major breakdown with my car now, I kept thinking about quitting my blog, facebook and all stuff. But to be honest, this is my life now, apart from having a real social life outside of internet. So I decided not to leave this important things in my life. Who says internet not important? It is important as much as Eating.

HAHA. Enough with useless blabber here. I just want to share about my project car (which is now abandoned. :'| Poor corona). It is Toyota Corona TT132, a brother to KE70 which is more small and less power than this TT132. 
Come to think of it, this is why I like TT132, bigger bolder than KE70 but it looks like KE70. OK enough crap here. 

My friend got this car for RM 1,000 so we just pick it up one day. My college didnt have any Final Year Project (FYP) so me and my housemate decided to have one.
It has 3T 1.8 engine and W50 gbox which for me is quite powerful. Albeit the old and big engine, it was quite interesting to drive this car. Bring so much happiness in my face. HAHA. Got ot drive it around with no roadtax and insurance was quite dangerous and fun, but I manage to get out of it.

But because of unforeseen circumstances, we decided to leave this project. It was quite sad though, but it was a strange happy feeling for us 5, because this is the first project car that we've been encountered as a team.
This is the last place the corona stay. Quite sad to see, but what's past is past. Hope to see you again lady!

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