Trip to the easter side of east

Although you readers probably end up reading/viewing my blog after there are more things to do, by now you should know that I'm automotive junkie, I shoot cars and posts stuff about cars. But this time around, its going to be different, I'm gonna post my travelogue here. (I think) I've never done it before but seeing peoples update their blog with their travelling journey, I think I should too.

 Thinking about how my hometown a bit slow than the other country in terms of town development, I was forced to travel outside of my hometown to eat something good. Not saying that mine are sucks but out of town is just better. LOL. So me and my friends decided to eat something Western, something with cheese and big. Then we think about BURGER KING here at Eastern East.

Pick my friends up and Of we go!

Taken by my friend, Mikael Atoya, this Volvo 850 just wrongly stopped his/her car. In front of the white line, you get it? LOL. To tell you the truth, (no offense to Terengganu people), their driving skill sucks big time. One time when I drove that day, this one car literally overtake my car, when there's a car on the other side. How dangerous is that? Haha. OK back to the so-called 'travelogue'.

Me and my brother here. Caught nose-picking there. HAHA. The sun shine brightly that day. Become very happy because I want to eat big burger. BK is soo mainstream I know but what the hell!

Of course, pass through this Industrial area here in my hometown is a must. One place called Gebeng, its where the nuclear plant are built and going to destroy human being in Kuantan. Hope can expel all those money-eating politi.... Nevermind.

After long hours of driving, (1 and a half hours :p ) we reach here. Mesra Mall. High expectation over here. Hope its good~ Less people, more space to walk, less bullshit, more parking. And over-excited I'd jump over the shopping mall and guess what we saw....

NOTHING...yeah, nothing. Big, yet so small. Too small for the name 'MALL' but it is quite spacious here.  Walking around 'like a boss', then my stomach begin make this dubstep sound. Walk around and tadaaaa...

Big ol' BK here. The sun shine, the stomach got his own sound and we've trashed into. Looks like no people. Good. But NO PEOPLE? are you sure? While thinking about that, my mind was buffering, loading with what to eat and whatnot.

YES MAN. No one's around, no bullshit Mat rempit weng weng, No hipster, no wannabes, I just want to eat happily here. HAHA! But its seems kinda bored because no one's here. The awkward moment when you're just the group that eat there. HAHA

Ordered a 3 Large Double whopper with triple cheese each one and Onion Rings, we settle down to eat. Big big burger (compared to Local burger) don't you think?

After spending so much time seeing EPIC MEAL TIME at youtube, we came up with this idea, Quadruple Whopper with double triple cheese!. Sadly no BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS. LOL

My brother try to ate that monstrous burger, but he failed. Just for the picture! BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS, BACONSTRIPS. LOL again.

Then we decided to go back, was kinda bored around here. Waiting for our burgers to settle down in our belly, we begin to walk the walk and talk the talk. HEH. Was looking for Hana Tajima looking girls and what we found was this...

Hana tajima's Starwars cousin, Darth Vader, and there was me, derpy face at Toys' R US. Come to think again, Toys r us are magically fun. Because last time (and now), my family can't afford to buy toys here. Just buy $2 toy box only.
Before we left Mesra mall, we stumbled upon this at TGV cinema, and little that we know, Pedobear come for a rescue. Papa I@ U. This is (I think) the first and the last time visiting here. Place were small, less people, HANA TAJIMA's Wannabe all around and IDK.

And then, we began to speedhunting here in a land of Turtle. I like turtles. It kinda reminisce me to this Yellow 6-series BMW that we've came across just after eating those big burger. Yellow and BMW, might be the only 6-series in Terengganu I think. Pajero-stance, wrong match of wheels and LED's. Fail much?

While going back, we've managed to stop to observe this EK9 wannabe EK3. Big Vtec, White car, Blue rims I don't know anything to say. Have a stop and make a quick cit chat with the owner himself, more on this later.
By the way, did you know that Terengganu have one of the most beautiful  untouch beaches. Beautiful Scenery, serene translucent beaches. But Hot. So we're in Star cruises Jetty nearby Awana Kijal here, without the Star cruises ship. But before that we manage to stop-by at...

...Kemasik beach. The beach that typical photographer here in my hometown always wanted to go. Nothing's around mate. Boring, no Fun things and no entertainment whatsoever.  No offense but I think Kuantan beach is the beast beach of all time. OF ALL TIME.

And then it was kinda bored, so they decided to shoot this. and I was bored here, I edited like this. Lame, I know :(

Thinking and always watching FILM photography, made me wonder how my picture going to look like with Light Leak, I know you FilmFag out there going to bash me sooner or later but what the hell. Just going to post it anyways. Seeing at the Star-Cruises Jetty, again with no Starcruises ship here. Keh Keh keh

Probably the last time you ever see the car with Sissy fluorescent yellow. Glad that it has served it purposes. To brag about through out the town. Been there, Done that. Now onto the new rims. HAHA

It was time to go back and this road seems good for Photoshoot. I wish it was nearer and no mosquito because I'm Sick and tired with moisquito, amigo! 

Before reaching Kuantan, you must go thru another beach - called Cherating. It has the name but it was quite bored IMHO. What you see up there is Locals with boards, running around. Cool isn't it? But still bored, until you've found the Naked Beach...

...which is empty and located behind that Hill. HAHA. Got you, bro. It was sunday and there was no one here at Cherating. I guess most of the tourist not coming here now. Because it was bored. Ok back to hometown..

By reaching one of the petrol station over there, I'd stumbled upon this Mindfuck creatures I should say, because this Honda Accord Inspire have a Longitudinal engine like most of FR cars but it is FF!? HAHA. Took me time to consume this fact but nevermind. Doesn't make any profit to me. FF sucks but i drive FF. Cool rite?

Almost going to reach my home, My friend, atoya snapped this using my camera. I was driving that day and it made smile that I have gone thru one new experience with my friends, speedhunting at nearby hometown. Hope I can repeat this with a lot of friends, to gain new experience, and learn from any mistake.

Thanks for reading.

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