Leftover photo

Hashiguti Anderson feint in Speedcity track. Multiple shots were taken, this were the good ones. I don't like Speedcity IMHO, its hard for a fan to see when they drift. I know the place were mainly attractive, like big and ample parking space, but to see them driving, feinting, just dissapointing.

And also, there is a stone barrier makes it hard for rookie drifter to practise, because they have only one car to drift, and to drive back home. But to see at the positive side, you can practise to be more professional if you can avoid the barrier. Of course shit happens, but that makes you grow even better.

Seen in this picture, Johan Norman in his Laurel C33 tearing up Speedcity tarmac. Very nice sight because of people doesnt usually own this type car. Would be nice if more and more people use different kind of car rather than typical KE's, AE's or S-chassis...

Like this both drifter, Ser Ming Hui and Hashiguti Anderson.

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