FXopen Drift Final. Pt.2

The top 16 parade was made after the qualifying sessions. Djan the prince of drift is a Top scorer among all the drifters that day. Tandem Assasin make it looks easy as it is his place after all.

Formula D driver Ryan Tuercks was the official judges of the day, giving the talks about the what do's and dont's at the track. Seen here is also Sak Nana, Top Thailand drifters.

Most of the question asked is all about the FAQ. What should the drifter do and whatnot. The drifters giving a lots and lots of question before the event starts.

The first tsuiso begin with Djan and Micheal Gan fighting to get to the Best 8. All lines were good but the judges were not happy enough with the tandem and...

..that makes a 3 'One more time' for the race. Djan managed to get easily in line with Micheal gan and top off at the 3rd clipping point..
and officially judges and spectators choose Djan as the winner as Gan is not really consistent in the match. That makes Tg. Djan goes to the Top 8 spot.

Following that Ahfai wins over Rhenadi Arinton when he's oversteer at the last corner.. AhFai goes to the Top 8.

Ah boy driving a gold AE86 pickup wins over Thailand's Silfiro. Fully smoked the driver behind him, he managed to climb to the next round.

Johan's Laurel dogfight with Ivan Lau. A consistent drifter, Ivan lau manage to leave a large gap between the drivers just before the OMT begun.

Johan had the chances, but it was Ivan Lau who wins the pace.

Azrina Jane, the only female drifter blew up her engines in a fight with his team mates, Loyai. Jane had initially struggled in the 2nd round but still lose. That makes Loyai goes to the Top 8

A close tandem between Hashiguti and Along rempit makes the day goes wilder and wilder! Hashiguti makes a perfect line all over but apparently, shit happened...

Fazreen Ismail, or best known as Along had an accident that makes Hashiguti wins. He clearly tap the wall with his rear end and as you can see, understeer makes a thing goes worser and worser.

He then literally 'climbed' the concrete wall.  and that makes he lose the place to Hashiguti Anderson. But above all that, he is fine and his car only suffers a minor breakdown. The front frame and the rear frame was wrecked.

The clean up process took about 20 minutes before another tsuiso starts. All the marshall handle the things quite good.

Next up was Ariff Vs Tony. It is a hot and wild drifting as you can see from the Drift Alliance's founder. He managed to keep things up for the match.
Unfortunately, Tony oversteer at the first round. Makes it more advantages for Ariff to climbed up to the next stage.

And the 2nd round was utterly awesome, Tony hit Ariff and that makes Ariff goes to the Top 8. It maybe a problem to Tony because he was competing in a less competitive chassis, or maybe underpowered car.

The best 8 was follow by Ah boy fighting with Tg. Djan but suffers a big understeer at the first run. First sign of the Tandem Assasins to further up to Best 4.

Seeing a two professional drifters, tandem together was a beautiful sight to see. Ah fai push the limit of Ivan Lau and make it looks fun.

Ah Fai wins over a fight with a Ivan Lau as he managed to close the gap in that match.

Despite having a Top Local drifter like Tan Tat Wei, Hashiguti Anderson managed to pull the tricks that end up won over Tan Tat Wei monstrous machine. Hashiguti proceeds to the semifinal.

The top 4 was Hanizam ‘Loyai’ Hamzah, Hashiguti Anderson, Tg. Djan and Ser Ming Hui. The next match was entirely revgasm.
The line up of Top 4 was clearly inevitable as it is the line up of top drifters around Malaysia.

As the crowd knows, they will clearly support Tg. djan as the winner. But things happened differently in a motorsport. Many thing can happen.

The match runs smoothly but in the end, there was OMT. They put quite a show as Tg. Djan narrowly takes the win and progresses on to the final battle.

A battle of S chassis between Hashiguti and Ser Ming Hui to determine the winner of Top 4. It was intense to see as Hashiguti's driving was improved than before. But he lose to Ser Ming Hui as SMH manage to bring a large gap between them.

Another very close battle between Loyai and Hashiguti took place as Loyai nearly spun off but somehow managed to hold a decent line. The judges made the call and Hashiguti went through to the 3rd place.

He won the 3rd place battle in which the winner will return home with RM30,000 prize money.

The last match of FXopen. It was between Ser Ming Hui and Tg. Djan. The first round, Ah fai runs persistently behind the prince of drift and managed to keep a close gap between them. But in the 2nd run, Djan had troubles with the 2nd gear and make Ah fai leave him far.
 And that makes Ah Fai the winner of speedcity FXopen Drift final.

The event was awesome eventhough the marshall was a bit stupid when it comes to the pass. My friend and I cannot go into the track when the best 8 parade, even when my friend shows his VVIP pass. Let alone my media pass. But above all that, it was a good thing to see that Drift event through out Malaysia has improve to International standards. Kudos to the organizer.

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These photos show the story. After all the hard work, he achieved something he deserved! It's nice to see accomplishments like this, you know.