FXopen Drift Final. Pt.1

The days start off with scorching hot sun and a place fill with a loathsome of tyre smell. People were reluctantly waiting for the match to start. Speedcity was then, full of tyre screeching and engine revving all day.

At the pit where crews were busy set up all the competitors cars. This is where Micheal Gan from Team Goodyear rest their monsters.

Monster's grinning, Micheal Gan's A31 was fully kitted in R34 manner. From the bodypart to engine.

Loyai's A31 was there waiting for his turn to enter the track at Speedcity KL. His sponsor's were the same as Micheal Gan, Team Goodyear and Under5ive.

Being the only one who drives A31 with 13B hearts, Loyai make such a good appearance on his drifting.

The rarest of them all, Mr. Lim Zee King's JZX100 was there. With nice plate number like X100, he definitely going to keep his JZX100 as a daily drift ride. Fitted with staggering 18" Work meister, this ride was fully awesome!

Ser Ming Hui or known better as Ah Fai, having a phone call in front of his beloved 180SX. Mainly known as a Angle D-5 founder, he kept his ride in Itasha-prepped S13.5. One hell of a gangster doraiba!

Rhenadi Arinton of Indonesia manage to maintain his style of drifting thru out the drift event. His ride was utterly awesome.
Seen here is a Zai bullzai's S14 and Prince of Drift, Tg. Djan's S13.5. Zai's car was setup to accomodate Tony Angelo's driving style as his going to drive this.

The day was purely awesome, blue sky, hot sun. Just wish there is more shelter/ more shady place to accomodate the spectator and both photographer.

Belarus Drifter, Sergei Sack was performing in Federal sponsored S14. One of the drift alliance member to drift in FXopen as the other was Russian’s Evgeny Satyukov and Tony Angelo from USA.

Ah Fai burning rubber all the way inside Speedcity during Practise session just before the Best 16 start. Tearing up the course is what he do best.

Formula D USA’s Ryan Tuerck, and top Thailand drifter Kiki Nana, being a judge for FXOpen Drift Final. It was first time for Ryan to come here to Malaysia.

Ah Fai taking sideways at first clipping point.  Note that he is now using 2JZ in his silvia. That makes a lot of different compared to standard SR20DET.

Team Goodyear, Tan Tat Wei drove his AE86 with Rotary engine in it. He manages to get into Best 16 in Qualifying session..
..same goes to Ariff Johanis who drove Onevia. Sick angle and impressive line. The drifter that is most consistent in all way, IMHO.

Hashiguti Anderson drove his yellow red S15 in wicked driving style.
Driving the only Nissan Laurel, Johan managed to get the eye of the juries as he managed to climb in to Top 16.
Rhenadi Arinton smoking in style at last clipping point. He was proudly present his country, Indonesia and being the only Indo's drifter in the competition.

Accidents do happened, that happened when the Belarus drifter entering the First corner and riding the wall, causing the rear end of his car was wrecked. But he managed to repair it in time for the competition.

Thailand Drifter borrows Auri Ali's car for the competition and managed to get into Top 16.  Burning up the tyres and having a full sideways is one we can see thru out the day.

Tony Angelo's borrowed AE86 after he crashed in Zai's s14. Although he can't perform fully inside this AE86 but he managed to put up quite a show with this AE86. Nice smoke and nice angle, what more could you ask?

Part 2 report coming right up.


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a31 with 13b???

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yeppp! this is true.