KE70 Wagon

Often called it as a speedhunting, i was more to 'oldschool toyota hunting', but nevertheless, its just the same as speedhunting. But the thing is here, this thing doesnt move. Haha. So what we have here is a Toyota Corolla KE70 DX Wagon (or corolla van).

As good as it looks, it belongs to one uncle whois electrical wireman. He owns this ride for atleast 20 years now, after his friends decided to sell it because of money constraint.

He then, keep it stock as possible. Without consent of modifying this kind of car. Albeit the rareness of this car here compared to the stock sedan KE70.

At 20 years ++ age, you can't really rely on the bodyworks. Pale cream, with a lot of dents on it, prove that this car had a long year run.

"It carries a lot of sentimental memories owning this car, and obviously NO" said this uncle, when asked about trading this car to the new one.

We then, said goodbye to the owner of this car, with tear hearts and soul because this uncle doesn't want to sell this piece of junk that I adore. Hahaha.

Thanks for reading the crap article. Notes that this is more to practice writing/shooting/speedhunting. I wanna improve my english and my photography. Its a little too much but I guess its ok. no?

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