KE70 from north

What do we got here today? Its a 1984 Toyota Corolla KE70 GL up from north. Been 'spying' this car for quite a week when me and my friends decided to find this car. I found the owner thru facebook couple of month ago, and truthfully the owner is a very nice guy. Good to know him!.

Unbelievably, this model is most sought model in Malaysia, after people can't own AE86 for the sake of Initial D movie, the price of ae86 skyrocketed to almost RM40k stock standard. So in return, people were looking for this type because its almost Plug n Play to AE86 parts.

And owning this GL, the owner most probably be really in love with these type. GL for your information is a short form of Grand Luxury. Most people would probably opt DX but this guy is as cool as ice. So he bought this GL and drive it like he pays the roadtax. Well, he does pay the roadtax.

The car was in a complete mess before he decided to run this thing up. Pale colour, lots of dents all around and a stock rims. Tell me who would get satisfied with anything like that? He decided to paint it a year ago, chance are, this thing looks really good.

Pale pandan green, with orange rims, a bit of unmatched IMHO but nevertheless, it was quite nice to see from far and quite 'spottable' around the place.

Chrome bumpers, body line are exceptionally good. The colour was nice if you look at this car, in real live. A bit high sitting on a 13x7 rims all around, but nevertheless good enough for Malaysian roads. Having a 'touched' stock engine, this car is powerful at its level.

And again, owning the Rear wheeled drive car, what more could he ask? An easy way for sliding is locking your differential or in a local meaning its called "weld axle". You can google more on that. A bit of dent and chipped paint due to happiness of sliding the car.

Its nice to see the proud Corolla emblem still stucked on the boots. Help a lot of newbie understand from which manufacturer is this. A very nice touch had been done on the body as you can't really spot the dent, (except for the rear right panel which was beaten when his drifting last time)

The thing is, owning this old car need a lot of hardworks and hardmind. Only true owner would take care of his/her car as good as possible. A phrase of "car is only use A to B" is a long gone, useless phrase because nowadays, you got to think about your satisfaction of owning ones. Anything.

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