Performance brakes.

As an automotive geek running around the city, i always wonder how my next car going to be, means, what car is it going to be, maybe a JZX100, or simply S14.5. And come to think of it, there must be some modification going to happen to my car. And then come the next project in my head.


yeah. I always wonder how effective those brakes are. Like, how could they stop so quickly. Well, i know the definition of 2pot, 4pot and 6 pot caliper, but what do those piston are there for? sigh, there's google, and it such a waste if you don't search it.

As seen on IS250,

For me, to see a Project MU brake kit installed in one of the performance car, its like putting a diamond necklace to your beautiful girlfriend. In fact more beautiful than what i've said just now. LOL. I've seen one Toyota Aristo JZS160 around PJ that day, equipped with Big project MU rotor with caliper, it does open my eyes.

Open my eyes like realising that performance brakes are not only categorise to 'Brembo' brakes. Pardon me for saying this but there's people such an idiot to only know that.

Come on brotha, what happened to AP racing, Wilwood, Stoptech, Endless and Greddy brake kit?.

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