Recently,the phone rangs and one name appear.

"Assalamoalekum ariff"

"Waalaikumusallam, my friend. "

"Kheh-fa haluk?"

"Alhamdullillah, ana bi-kheyr..Are you going to Pre-assesment tomorrow?"

"Oh no, am not going, i'm currently in my hometown now. How about you?"

"Yeah, Tomorrow, after Jumaat prayer. InsyaAllah."

"Wasn't it too late for the assesment? Because from what i know is, the assesment starts at 8 o'clock.and there's no exception for that. I'd rather go if i had the chance."

"There must some exception, i can't make it tomorrow if its too early. Need to repair my car."

"What happened, brotha?." and then he clearly explain what does happened. He hit somebody's car which that somebody's car try to avoid slamming to the lorry. And by how he explain it, he was utterly happy. I don't know if its work for you but i never look happy if i hit someone or someone hit me.

i'd guess it works for my Libyan friend, AbdelHakeem. Ha Ha.

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