Wishlist. New Rig

Attention, this is 3/4 of the year wishlist.

I want Automotive Rig. So bad. As 'kegawatan ekonomi' that it may seems affect Malaysia's economy nowadays, it is also, by surprise, affected me. For reasons unknown, there are so many things i wish i could buy or do or buy do or DIY it myself, but unfortunately, it seems a bit hard for me to withdraw money. Bukan kedekut. Not stingy wei. But i need to think about my future. If I overspend my saving money, then it would be hard for you to see me belanja you yum cha!. ha ha ha

After much of research i do over the internet, this is what i could summarize from what i have thinking before. A very deep n meaningful thinking. Haha. So here's the thing.

What i would do is, its a basic suction cup style setup, the piping can be adapted to use magnets and can be applied to most of the cars. My piping must be thick to support the camera and the lens itself.

The rig I'm going to built are with the following:
- (3) Aluminum Piping Sections, 1.5" Diameter Approximately, 4-5' in length
- (2) 1.5" Compression Couplers for Piping
- (2) Piping Locking Clamps
- (3) Manfrotto Super Clamps
- (2) Avenger F1000 Suction Cups
- Manfrotto Magic Arm

A Basic thing, i could only use the strong cellophane tape or something like above to connect the suction cup to the rig (or piping)
This could holds up to 20kilos of weight, i supposed. You can now imagine that those super suction cup supposely suck the body of the car. can ah?

Super Suction Cup wei!.

So, this is Manfrotto Magic Arms and the sad part was it is not in Malaysia.
This is the Manfrotto Super clamps. Same goes here.

Like above one or like below one. Its also the same, the rest are post processing. You can fit the rig anywhere as you like as long as you know how to get rid of it while post processing.

To do the above picture, you don't need to drive the car very fast. Only pushing is needed. Get a friend, who can really do the work lah. +D

The post processing here. You can see how the guy and the rig disappear. Well, you can get to see much more if you google the 'automotive rig'. Much more better than this. :D

Wait, to tell you the truth, this is not my picture, i just google it for the sake of passion runs inside my veins. Huuuuu.

The only thing that's going to bother me (excluding the 'not enough money' reason) is I can't get some of the parts i want in Malaysia. All parts have to order from the states. So that's all. Google or Flickr the 'automotive rig', then you can get the idea. haha

Thanks to this fella

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