Universal random posts.

Betullah cakap orang, its proven natural, kalau kita rindu sangat kat seseorang tu, kita akan try untuk contact seseorang tu. Kalau tak mampu atau tak boleh, the least thing we could do is to doakan kebahagian seseorang tu atau sebut and ingat pasal orang tu dalam hati. Kalau itu pun tak mampu, aku tak tahu apa lagi yang mampu dibuat. Benda-benda yang mengingatkan kita kat orang tu dah cukup dapat buat kita tersenyum dan gembira.

At least, pada kita, kita ingat orang tu. Even kita tahu orang tu tak ingat kita langsung. Not even a bit. Its been a year now. Bukan nak contact atau apa. Not even a phone call. Not even a text message. Not even a freaking free facebook message or myspace comments. Not even ‘Kirim salam’ thru friends. Those are the things that not an ease at heart at all. Maybe for you, its better. Maybe for the discerning few. But not for me at all. Because last time I checked, it is you who start everything for good.

And for god’s sake, you’ve abandoned it all for no good reason at all. Sakit I’d tell you. Dan untuk anda, dalam kegelapan, this is your life. I can’t stay much longer. I'd rather leave. And I can’t stay very far. And I can’t stay here. I can’t stay there. And my heart, it doesn’t beat the way it used to. And my eyes, they don’t see you no more. And my lips don’t kiss the way they used to. And my eyes they don’t recognize you no more.

I don't know why i'd post this but it seems random heart feeling had made me doing this. what am i supposed to do. It just runs on my head. Nobody's seems to care about what i felt. Even you. Yeah you. You big-fat beautiful lady, Nissan Fairlady Z34 370Z

A random crap anyway. A part of it was true.


Naurah said...

haha, baru nak feeling. last last fairlady. CEHHHHH !!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

oh shoott..i like part of it jew. i like the nature part.. the rindu2 part.. i like the feelings u put, kan best if its a person, but it's a car! aiyo... hahaha,.. =D

Anonymous said...

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