Somebody. im not telling who

J :"Somebody told me this country's going to hell...that true?"

R :"why yes. but its not only this country. the whole worlds going to hell, im just here for the ride."

J :"rofl! that's the kinda answer i was looking for! cool shit! hahahahah You know what i think ur right, maybe the whole world is going to hell. For one, i typed this up on google 'gimme a reason to live' just to see what random result pops up.n this link to some 'yahoo! answers' site did....

there was this girl asking "can somebody give me one reason to live? I wake up everyday wanting to die" sigh....i just wish people werent that retarded..sheesh "

R :"good old bro, still overthinking stuff. live life to the fullest, go out take chances, do something you never thougt you would do, or something you didn't think was possible. after all its not the length of life, its the depth of it."

J :"yeah, imma do that right after this semester ends, in 5 days...damn...feels like 5 yrs...bout overthinking, idk...maybe...point is, why are such ppl let alive and free? they should be caged! we dont want our world to go to hell!haha"

R :"because freedom belongs to all, not just thouse who are smart enough to make good use of it. if we start cageing people because we deem them less deserving of freedom then we are no better then the nazis who killed thousands of people because they felt that they were inferior to the aryan race. freedom is a core that all people should be able to enjoy."

J :"oh god the speech! oh man ur right...but i hate girl trouble, it sounds so made-up, make-believe. u dont feel like dying, ever! unless u want attention n u make that shit up n get a 100 comments from ppl who barely would even double take at ur name if ur queston wasnt compulsive enough"

R :"hey i blame bates for my ability to pull speechs out of my ass. it was his class that i learned how to do that. as for girl trouble. good luck."

J :"oh good luck? more like...oh no no no no coaxing me into giving a speech. no bates outta me! oh bates...speech....figures...
girl trouble? i dont have any, im just devising this statement.remember me? the one with no gf? its still a fact...haha"

R :"lolz. aw but why? that was such a fun class (notice the sarcasm) as i said befor. good old bro, always overthinking things. we need to find you a girl mate."

J :"haha indeed. well finding means spotting one right? ive spotted thousands! the problem is getting them!"

R :"yea im not talken about the girls around our college. alot of them who go there aren't worth the trouble."

J :"Trouble? trouble is right! oh well is it worth the trouble then to go look for them outside???"

R :"try anywere but school lmfao. your college is the last place you want to look"

J :"oh lol...well it is the only place in my book....or map.."

R :".... first step. expand your activities. don't just do the school work sleep stuff. go out and have some fun. that dosn't involve the word warcraft or rpg"

J :"ahahah warcraft, u had to bring that up....i know it doesnt involved stuff like that...but i gotta get friends to go out with...n u know what...i think i have just the group in this sorted some crap out. i didnt this freaking forum we have going on would ever pay fact im gonna break it up to those ppl soon enough...that in summer we'll go...somewhere...hmmm that works.."

R :"i had to bring that up lmfao. you people waste your life on that. its almost as bad as mr gates still hideing in the closet. dude everything i do pays off at some point. just takes longer sometimes. good job sorting stuff out though, i have no idea what you sorted but good job lmfao. start going out and doing stuff while you can still see the ground."

J :" yup...stuff i sorted out was i saw an opportunity to go out with some friends...i just stopped thinking of going out since i started college in spring...n now prolly here's a start...

lmao!! cool...
hey this helped!"

R :"bout time. now hurry up."

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