Dream Project.

Lately I've been thinking about all this modification/fabrication, custom made cars and all sort of thing about cars. There's a couple of car that running through my mind now, matter fact, its been a long long time.

So, I decided to make this posts. The journal about How do i make the car if i have the opportunity to make the car. This some sort of sketch on how to make my car. Not really real, though. Hehe . Besides, the only thing that's going to stop me for doing all this is financial problem. I don't have enough money and to make the matter worse, i don't have any income, yet.

This maybe the first post ever in my blog on my dream. OK. Enough crap. Lets proceed. Proceed with care. Careful as my english is broken.

The car would be the Datsun/Nissan 280ZX(S130). I'd found this forgotten beast at Kayu Ara, along Sprint Highway, left under the sun with only a minor cover on it. It has a pale maroon colour as the owner must left it there a long time ago.

To make it straight, I've never a fan of Wangan Midnight arcade game or the upcoming movie, but the reason why i chose this car is because (i think) of my enthusiasm in automotive field compared to my friends and some of Malaysians. However, it would be such heart breaking moment if someone would say, "budak ni tiru wangan midnight je, boleh la". So I'd to move on and accept the fact that susah nak dapat Datsun 240z kat Semenanjung ni. =D

For those who can't notice the difference between these two cars, Wangan midnight use the Datsun 240Z(S30) while my (dream) project car is Datsun 280ZX(S130). Notice the 40+ differences?. ha ha. I could eventually refer to Chris Hammond picture here but he's building a 240Z. For better understanding, 280Z and 280ZX have a vast difference between it. Like the rear window, rear tail light and some stuff. OK fine then. Just go to project240z.com or google '280ZX' for further information.

Some folks in States usually plonk their 'vette engine in their 280ZX project. Well, it seems a bit hard for us in Malaysia because 'vette engine displacement sometime could reach 5700 cc and it would be such a heart and financial burden for us to maintain that engine. Plus, can't get the Corvette parts here in Malaysia so i'd guess i forget this idea. Haha.

If you were my true friends, you would noticed that I do like continental and other types of types of cars, but for some reasons, JDM is much appreciated, for me, as the JDM scene here in Malaysia are not so up to date compared to other country like states or aussie or UK.

And in this case, i would like to rebuild the Datsun 280Z (S130). As the car i found at Kayu Ara there, the plate number starts with BH* **** something something so i think the year of the car registered must be around 1982-1984. Didn't know whether what year that car was manufactured though. Didn't check. ;D

It could be confused sometimes about the production date of this model. At wiki, i'd saw the earliest production date was in 1978 but i do find in another webpage that earliest was manufactured on 1976.

From the information that i have gather, the earliest production of the Z car was the S30, in 1969 until 1978 and that was 240Z. And along came the 260Z the european model and the 280z which is my choice, which the starts on 1978 onwards. Still confused though. But then, the dream must go on.

If I do get that car that i mention before, (assuming that my financial problem is gone)it would be first step. And believe me, there's a whole lot of hard (and also easy) step after this.

First of all, send the car to paint shop, custom shop to body restoration, fabrication, restrengthen the body, spot weld, replace new floor and chassis restraightening. It should have been rusty all over the car. For this kind of problem, maybe i should contact Amar the rossoblogger and Afif the Jaguhautoworks for further recommendation and whatnot.

As a matter of fact, last couple of month, I already asked Afif on where to find 240Z in Semenanjung and he said it is hard to find in semenanjung and lets kumpul duit to go to Sabah as there would be a whole lot of Datsun/Nissan Oldskool. Okay proceed to the post.

Let me remind you that all the spare parts don't come cheap as they are not in production anymore so i have to bear with all the costs. If its need to custom made some stuff, then custom made it would be.

The choice of the paint job would be dark colour but white should be good on this car. With some stripe but not the 'muscle car' stripe like you see it like 2 stripe coming from the hood to your roof until at the back. No. Not for me. hehe. Sometimes, the flaming red also popped out my head. I don't know which one. Maybe black.

As for the fenders, i wouldn't mind adding the black fender and lips but i think for my ideal car, it should stay as simple and stock-looking as possible. Sleeper. But come to think of it, i am not really sure if I'm gonna put it or not. Hmm. Still thinking,though.

Next, it would be the engine. To tell you the truth, am not really a purists. I can't sit still if the my car is not JDM enough. Just plan to mod vehicle according to my taste so pardon me. The ideal engine for this car (according to me) is the infamous Nissan's RB25DET. Plus last time I saw this one fella using this engine in 240Z and it is nicely done i tell you!.

Getting the engine for me, i think, it not costs so much compared to RB26DETT which costs around RM 16k only for enjin lantai. Without harnesses,brakes,axle and all the electronic stuff. Quite expensive ay?. Just imagine, the complete halfcut for RB26DETT. Just imagine.

The RB25DET market price has skyrocket-ed from RM4k per halfcut to RM8k siap pasang. It is still quite reasonable for me as it is a regular price for high demanding engine now. Right?. Even the standard GSR-T (4G93T) costs just about the same. What more could i ask for?

The RB25DET is chose here because of its ability wise and financial wise. Ability wise, it has a 6 cylinder and mostly the parts can be exchange with RB26DETT because of its Nissan capability. Operation of the engine could be smooth enough as the body weighs about 1400KG minus the the roll cage, parts and the driver. I could choose 1JZ or 2JZ for this but it could have been less fun for me as I'm not making this car for circuit racing or wangan midnight action. Just for cruising with enough power to run from those satria and wira racer wannabes. Plus, Nissan using a heart of a Toyota? Though the fact could be agree on some of the people, i could just stick to Nissan-Nissan accommodation.

Financial wise, the parts could be more cheaper than the engine i mention above. Well, maybe, because I'm not yet penetrating this motorsport industries, fully. But I believe what i said might be true. I could go with RB30ET then, but the parts here, you know. Sticking with the stock engine, L28, might also be a financial burden as there's no production anymore.

Before the engine completely planked into my newborn 280Z, it must be overhaul, port-polished, balancing through out the long block. Any part need to repair or change, then repair or change it would be. The turbine, all the rubber piping must be change, all the engine bushes and mounting, the gearbox, overhaul, or change if needed, the axle. This is to provide less headache in the future as we people don't like if the car tends to go rosak sikit sikit.

Need to emphasize on power steering adaptation as the early ZX models had two types of steering, manual rack and pinion and the worm and roller power steering box. Later ZX models had power rack and pinion. These tips apply to the power box, but could also apply to the power rack as well. We'll need to find the appropriate power steering rack for this car then.

Talk about engine transplant into 280ZX, a rumour and hearsay says it is very hard for customizing mounts. A lot or work need to do like, customized crossmember, Customized Oil pan. They need to be joint with Nissan R33 crossmember to fit. Plus A31/S13 engine mounts to be matched with the customized crossmember. After crossmember, some said that Subaru's steering rack would fit nicely with the new crossmember. Depends on how you do it.

Then again, the some hearsay says that the stock 280zx propeller shaft can be used for RB25DET in 280ZX but with some modification. We have to cut it and balanced it before any fitment to the car.

Then, after the body work and the engine parts complete, certainly without any doubt, i have to get the car for check up at PUSPAKOM and JPJ for engine swap certification. No need to pay duit kopi to those haram guys as my car would be as HALAL as possible, if and only if I'm gonna built it.

Bout the wheels, i think I'd go for time attack rims like bronze or black TE37 or CE28n rims with some offset at the back. BBS AIR II CY, or BBS RR. Maybe i go for this size 215/40/16 front and 235/45/16 at rear. AD07? AD08 anyone? or fatter tire i supposed?.

Justify FullNot as rigid as this one but this one looks pretty good

Then, we'll gonna talk about the chassis parts. All the handling improvement parts not the Go-fast parts. After that tiring process of Puspakom and JPJ, then i will improve on my handling. Modify my steering rack (which i supposed the stock ones doesnt support the new engine),Strut bar, Lower arm bar, fender bar, some sport suspension and lastly the 8 or 10 point roll cage or 21 point if I'm greedy enough.

Covered it with Suede and off we go. The interior must be less sound deadening material so i can balanced between the engine and the internal sound. Seat must be either fully bucket or semi bucket. Not the Cap AYAM one. Suede-wrapped bucket seat. Probably from Corbeau or Bride. Nardi Steering. Less branded meters as i'm not going for those defi or something that will catch 'some' eye.

Estimated 350HP will generate upon my engine modification. Quite good for me as (maybe) i'm going for only daily driving for this car.

Some video for 280Z
160km/h 4th gear pull. Still powerful

ran off with Corvette C5 (407 WHP)

with Supercharged Mustang

Dave's V8 280ZX project

Project 240Z

Nissan RB forum

Picture above was found in Google search. Credits to all.


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Kureng lu cha.. Lao camni aku nyer status kejambuaan merosot ar hehe..

revs Chapman said...

merosot ke?..ahahah..takde aahh.haha

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