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Shots from Ikman, Sony A350, 50mm F/1.7, May 2009

I wasnt the only person who thought that, teenagers in kuantan (excluding me and some of my friends) are relatively sucks. I don't know why and how to tell you this but, last week, i went back to my hometown because i got some health and orthodontic issues. Fortunately, by arriving Kuantan, my sickness gone all the way. Chances are, i get to spend most of my short quality time with my family and friends. Family first anyway.

What i meant about teenagers in Kuantan is,ok, like this lahh, i went to the so-called 'gig' at Teluk Chempedak. Yeah yeah, a lot of odd grown chickies, unidentified 'indie' boy struggling to be as 'indie' as possible, and hell yeah, a lot of strange things happened. The first thing was like, PUNK are so dead in 2009. I believe that it could be such a disaster if PUNK get back to life, KFC and McDonald should have put cages in their dustbin to prevent this so-called 'makan sampah' people to go eat there. Plus there's a McDonald and KFC at Teluk Chempedak.

Alright, if that thing wasnt strange enough for you. Check this, how would you like to see PUNK, and indie boy whatever, and then, got bunch of 'reggae boys' who claimed themselves as reggae boy (or retarded idiots i should say here), they were all moshing when Yuna starts sang her song ' Dan Sebenarnya'.

Like, do you believe that?. what do this people think?. Are they idiots? or should i say, an ingeniously obsolete teenagers?. So out of date. Pergh. It is rather strange to see this kind of scene, spreading in our teenager soul, not me if you ask. Though i have no point of writing this abnormal post, it sometime make sense though, and make cents also. CRAP!. What am i writing?. HAH

and oh yeah, to those who always sing and talked and proud about our homegrown singer Yuna and Zee Avi and some other singer, you are so 2000-late. People already dengar to the other singer lah. You are so not up to date. sheesh.

Oh, by the way, starting this June or July, i'd like to open a posts for people like, what people want from me? What people want to see in my picture? What is my weakness in my picture, my blog, my anything? Please, do send me all the enquiry to

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