Delicate error

Red, Qee, and Jake, May 2009

If you notice, this is a 3rd or 4th post i wear the same shirt. all over again. i don't have enough shirt la nowadays. No money also. Everyday always kena basuh the same shirt ma. Aiyo. But it felt comfortable, for me atleast :D

and oh sorry, my GRA pics not upload yet. Later on lah, got no Photoshop in this PC. and OMG i want to tell you something. I hate someone who always write about something made-up and useless. No point at all. Like there's some person, i did not want to say who write it but let us make it clear, this blog owner have some common and predictable perangai that even you, readers don't like to hangout with his/her. like this, you know this fella wont do that thing, but when you read them blog, they write about what's not about them.

And yeah. Thanks to someone who likely to post my picture in her blog. Iklan, appreciate gila do. HAhahah.

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