Its cold and freaking cold. Petaling Jaya, March 2009

Dawn to dusk, Petaling Jaya, February 2009

Well for most of us, blog has been a place for giving our thoughts to the world. and for some people, they just like to share it with all the people. and for the other some, they just share it with blogger people (means that the posts are meant to be private).

Let me say straight away that I've always hated personal blog and especially the guy's blog. Its a fact that i always thought, that personal blog for guys are gay. Homo enough for another guy to read. That's why, in this case, my blog has nothing personal to say about,well, for the time being.

It is not because i have nothing say, or least, a bit shy to share what my raves and rants about my personal things, but this phenomenon, has been infect (should i say, taken) almost all guys in Malaysia. Yeah. and i don't want to be that unlucky guy.

See, nowadays, people tend to write about their loved ones and things about what happened after they broke up. That is why, my post here, titled, loathe. Because i'm sick and tired of those freaking mothertrucker who writes about their friggin loved ones in their blog.

To add something that i even hate to write this, they love to write about their problem with their loved ones. and then when they are not together anymore, they also love to write about it. shut the fridge up my fellow malaysian! Get a life brotha.

slap him, Putrajaya, March 2009

Non-racist friend, non-racist Malaysians, Sunway Pyramid, March 2009


ixzat said...

nnti aku pon nk tulis gak ah psl loved ones...hahaha bia brasap kpala luuu....ngeh..

revs Chapman said...

tulis la..
aku tak kisah..
aku tanok bace..

izzatie said...

arif rambut ko pjg weyh.

revs said...

lonely kan biasa ah...