Please mind your step, KLCC, April 2009

As i was writing this thread, life seems bored for some of the people. yeah. Seems. Well, this seems to be a waste of my time, to write this post. Let me tell you something that you don't even realize. Life are not like you think it were. Life are not that bored. There's many thing you can do with your life and, to date, there is still many thing you can't do with your life.

Like tearing up people's daughter, drive fast with your motorbike, write the blog without paragraphing the (is it the word 'paragraphing' can be use eh? sheesh normal crap) article you write and take a picture with your lovely Nikon D60 which you buy it just for the sake of a lot of people in myspace use it.

And there was like, a plenty reason. And for that one freaking last reason, i almost hated myself. for what reason? for nothing. and to lengthen this nonsense post of mine, i write this post like one o'clock half struck. and it was painfully dislodged my right knee. Omegad. What am i writing.

OK, to cut to the chase, life is not bored. well one thing for sure, you know why some people admit that their life is bored? Easy. Because every single little thing these days is designed to make people hurt. We're told we must jog, which is agony, or go to the gym, which is like being sent to the torture chamber. They say we must eat lettuce rather than shepherd's pie and that we must sit up straight. I've just bought a super modern sofa which has so many 'contemporary' right angles, its like trying to watch television while sitting on a slide rule.

so, you know what, i'd make you spent you're 3 minutes for nothing. life is not bored, when you have something to do. mind you, nothing is also something tau.

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Naurah said...

mind you, nothing is also something tau.

ta tau?